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The Heart of the Valley

Map nerds rejoice!  While the interior of the Tagus Ranch restaurant/night club/gift shop complex is gutted and wrecked, this giant road map of California painted on the wall in the dining room is still there.  Check out those pre-Interstate route numbers, this dates back to before the ’50s at least.  About 15 seconds, lit with a desaturated warm Protomachines flashlight in a totally dark space.

The Heart of the Valley ::::: Tagus Ranch Dining Room

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  1. C.S.Lee August 23, 2012 6:21 pm #

    When I found some old routes to certain towns in Malaysia, it is not accessible and occupied by monkeys, no way to go in alone.

    It’s always interesting to look at old map, I’m still figuring out the old railway map over here.

    Good finding again, troy!

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