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Presidio Pet Cemetery

I’ve been sitting on a bunch of work from the Presidio Pet Cemetery, shot in 2011 when this tiny necropolis was covered with a temporary roof while the construction of a new freeway went on overhead.  This covering created a surreally gloomy, underground graveyard.  It’s like a cemetery in a subway tunnel . . . with names like Blinky and Wiggles on the tombstones.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.

I put some PPC images on the blog over a year ago, but it’s time to go live with a complete gallery of work: The Presidio Pet Cemetery.

Here’s a few I never posted before, but make sure you visit the gallery because there are more images in there that haven’t/won’t appear in this blog!

Pfeffer Grab Grundstuk  :::::

Pfeffer Grab Grundstuk :::::

Beloved Mr. Thompson  :::::

Beloved Mr. Thompson :::::

Blinkin's Whiskers  :::::

Blinkin’s Whiskers :::::

Freeway Loins  :::::

Freeway Loins :::::

Jeff  :::::

Jeff :::::




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