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Brass Age Dump

Brass Age Dump  :::::

Brass Age Dump :::::

In the 19th century, Concord was the leading American manufacturer of stagecoaches.  The iconic Welles Fargo coach was a Concord.  After the turn of the century they began manufacturing trucks to stay competitive, but by around 1925 they were gone.  This incredibly rare, nearly 100 year old dump truck is one of dozens of incomplete projects in storage at Paul’s second junkyard.

This yard is much closer to town and it was a stormy night, so I had to contend with a lot of localized sodium vapor light bouncing off the low hanging clouds, giving the entire scene a diffused orange glow.  At least he got his neighbor to turn off those lights on the left side of the frame for me!

Protomachine flashlight: 5 colors from at least 6 different angles.

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