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Watching the Flight Line

Watching the Flight Line  :::::  Eagle Field  :::::  March 2013

Watching the Flight Line ::::: Eagle Field ::::: March 2013

One of the museum displays at Eagle Field, a privately owned WWII flight training base in Central California.  Those are WWII-vintage radios, just left behind when the base was abandoned after the war.  The whole base sat virtually untouched until 1980, when the current owner bought it.  Night, dark interior, mercury- and sodium-vapor lights from outside and warm-white and desaturated-purple light from the Protomachine flashlight.  Done shortly after dark, it was about 150° in here.  It was cramped and covered in spider webs too.

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  1. David July 27, 2013 7:00 pm #

    Has any one used a cut in half balloon for a strobe or flashlight cover. It seems to work good I was watching my nieces and got the idea from a ripped baloon

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