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The Lincoln Pucker

Lincoln Pucker  :::::  1970 Lincoln Mk III  :::::  Big M

The Lincoln Pucker ::::: 1970 Lincoln Mk III ::::: Big M

Visited the Big M for a sweltering, (almost) all-nighter in August, braving giant swarms of blood-thirsty mosquitoes and ridiculously large and easily irritated spiders, ready for any opportunity to bury their fangs in your neck. Even with coating myself in deet every hour or so, I left covered with painful welts . . . but it was a fun and productive night. I can’t wait to run up there again! This is the first shot of the evening when it was still 95 degrees–a 1970 Lincoln Mk III, lit with a red- and lime-set Protomachine flashlight. The lime, direct–from above, skimming the front of the car. The red, indirect–bounced off the ground, up into the grille. 33-second exposure.

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  1. Mike H September 9, 2013 8:18 pm #

    Great shot! As always, Troy, Thank You!

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