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Backed Into A Corner

Backed Into a Corner  :::::  July 2013

Backed Into a Corner ::::: July 2013

Shooting guns in the woods with my old pal Greg.  Thanks for letting me make you look like a psycho.  You shoulda been a theater major.

I still get messages from people that assume that I use strobes and radio triggers to do all my lighting. There is no way you can shoot the way I shoot–the difficult locations, the volume of work I can get done in a few hours–using fixed lights. I frequently trespass in the middle of the night and like to do 20+ set ups a night, not 3, so I have to travel light and fast. Light stands and 3 assistants clomping around is not how I work. Since about 2003, virtually all my lighting is done with flashlights: cheap ones, fancy ones, but it’s always continuous-source lights. I rarely use strobe: only for shooting people (today’s image, for example), because they move around too much for continuous source lights.  Thanks again for the use of the triggers and spare flash to do this one, Andy!

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