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The Purple Bay

The Purple Bay  :::::  1946 Lincoln

The Purple Bay ::::: 1946 Lincoln

This ’46 Lincoln’s been flat-spotting its tires in this shady spot for years. As big as a beached whale, but less stinky.¬†Just a few feet from the last set up I posted, you can even see this shot in the background.¬†Warm white, red and purple flashlight, blended with sodium vapor light and full moon, during a 171-second exposure.

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  1. Mike H. March 23, 2014 9:20 am #

    She’s lookin’ for the open road…and not finding it. Look at that tail light detail and the gas cap cover/door. The rear bumper alone weighs about as much as an Abrams tank! Still a sweet ride…. Thank you, Troy!

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