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Mandibles (lime)

1961 Plymouth Belvedere, one of the remainders at Pearsonville.  Generally considered one of the ugliest cars of all time.  I love it it’s bug-face through the fisheye, but I’m not right in the head.  Dig that quirky 2 degree cant to the headlights.  It’s so subtle, I once pointed it out to a guy that owned one, he’d never noticed.  Night, full moon, lots of direct, bounced and snooted light in 4 colors.  3-minute ambient exposure layered with a 55-second lighting exposure.

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  1. kass November 9, 2017 6:27 pm #

    this is great. the lens choice and the colors knock it out of the park. This is regarded as one of the ugliest of all time? i never heard that? it was pretty homely, i’ll admit. But it’s form eventually gave birth to the barracuda. That must count for something!

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