The Chronicle

The Ink Mist Vortex  :::::  San Francisco Chronicle Printing Plant
Underground Castle  :::::  The partially underground, barracks at Castle AFB, where air crews lived on 2 week shifts.
The Gate Today Was Three  :::::

The Valley Junkyard

Spargazer  :::::  Late-'50s Ford

NASA Crows Landing

Twiki In Love :::::  NASA Crows Landing  :::::  Launch Control Trailer  :::::  March 2013

Byron Hot Springs Resort

The Staircase  :::::  The once luxurious main vestibule has had much of its marble facing stripped off by scrappers and vandals.

Gene Winfield Customs

The Thing  :::::  Winfield's flathead-powered Model T, "The Thing." Handbuilt for for racing on the nearby dry lakes.

Big M Auto Salvage

The Pioneering Spirit  :::::  1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer

Faded Signs

Space Truckin'  :::::  2011  :::::  Fernley, Nevada

Ghost Towns

Messages From Space :::::  2014  :::::  Rosamond, California

A Night on Highway 58

Into the Storm  :::::  Drivers stream west,  deep into the night.

Crestview Bowl

The Columbia 300

Lost Wheels

Coventry Firewall  :::::  2010  :::::  Series 1 Jaguar XKE  :::::  Jaguar Heaven, Stockton, California

Pearsonville 2008

Floating Headlights  :::::  1963 Chrysler Imperial

Eagle Field- Aircraft

Spirit of the San Joaquin  :::::  Lockheed Harpoon
X'd Forecastle  :::::

Aviation Warehouse

Exit Row  :::::  2009  :::::  Boeing 737 and 727 fuselage sections.

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Morgue Drawers  :::::


Christine  :::::  Stephen King  :::::  2011 Edition  :::::  Hodder & Staughton, UK


The Gassy Hitman
Air India  :::::  2003  :::::  A first generation 747 in the middle of the recycling process.
Quivering Upper Lip

Mollusk Abuse

I’ve been taking night pictures at the abandoned Pearsonville junkyard, off and on, for ten years now. One of my favorite constants has been The Mollusk, this ’56 Cadillac/RV conversion. We must have arrived at about the same time: I shot it sitting outside the fence on my first visit and it had been dragged […]

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Sailing a Sea of Lava

Sailing the Sea of Lava

Same Packard Clipper as yesterday, backed up a few feet.  A luxurious, massive tank of a car, covered in little ship’s wheels.  Composite of two sub-1-minute exposures, lit with Protomachines flashlight.

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Sparkles Barnacles

Sparkles Barnacles

Late ’50s Packard at the salvage yard.  Night, 131-seconds of full moon and streetlight twinkle outside, with Protomachines flashlight inside.

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The DeSoto Drop

The DeSoto Drop

This kind of photography is normally a very slow and painstaking process, requiring numerous test exposures and lighting experiments. It can take 15 minutes of wrangling to finally get the exposure I want. This was not that.  “Oh, here comes another freight train.”  I had less than 30 seconds to drop the tripod, focus and […]

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Howler de Ville

Howler de Ville

The black ’72 Caddy at Pauls, the one that hasn’t moved in over 20 years, on a night of unending, make-your-tripod-fly-away, wind. Funny that in all the times I’ve visited and shot Paul’s, I never made a night shot of this car, until now. 3-minutes of full moon, with a few seconds of flashlight on […]

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Trail G

Trail G

Abandoned motel sign along the old Pony Express route, Schellbourne, Nevada. Night, 3-minutes of cloudy full moon, with red and lime-set Protomachines flashlight.

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Clipper in a Dreadnaught World

A Clipper in a Dreadnaught World

’55 Packard at Big M Auto Salvage. Night, 139-seconds of full moon, with red and white flashlight.

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Testing Barriers

Testing Barriers

B-52, lost in the Mojave. Night, 3-minutes of full moon and Protomachine flashlight.

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Climbing from the Tar Pit  :::::  1959 Cadillac Hearse

The Cuyama Car Garden

Here’s a set of images and story that needs to be consumed in one sitting. The Cuyama Car Garden.  Those of you that follow my social-media postings have seen a lot of these images piecemeal over the past months, well there’s a bunch more in here you haven’t seen.  If you don’t, you’re gonna love […]

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M and M Reef

M and M Reef

Late ’60s Cadillac ambulance conversion (can you tell the exact year just from this view?), shipwrecked at the junkyard.  Night, full moon with white, red and blue flashlight, in 94 seconds.  

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