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Merry Christmas.  42-seconds with an old piano, an empty tequila bottle and some garland, in an abandoned brothel in Nevada.  Flashlight in total darkness.

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Shotgun Fishin

The fish are jumpin, by the shiny wet spot in the dry lake, in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. Red, while and lime flashlight, with full moon for 105-seconds.

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Spider Opera

Fisheyed in the back seat on a cobwebby 80’s junkyard Lincoln Town Car.  Like the inside of a vampires’ coffin. Night, lit with a flashlight.

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Giant Joshua

I dug up this old favorite this morning, looking for a traditional, available light night shot, to commemorate the Steve Harper retrospective at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco, hanging this month.  Everyone that loves what I do should know Steve’s work.  This was shot during the September 2006 full moon, shortly after switching to digital, along Highway […]

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Sue’s Motel

Closed but owned and occupied.  Mina Nevada.  34-seconds, quick enough to not let the ambient sodium vapor streetlights overwhelm it, yet light it with a flashlight.

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95 Miles


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An American in the Desert

Another late night in the middle of nowhere with an abandoned trailer, this one a long long American.  Night, 3-minutes, full moon, red, purple and lime light.

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Glass Lined Energy Saver

Monkey Ward water heater in the tub of a ransacked house in rural Nevada. Night, red, lime, blue and white flashlight, with the full moon too.

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Camp Vertebrate

Spine, at the site of a collapsed ranch house in remote spot in Nevada. Pretty sure it’s a cow. Maybe a horse, we saw a herd of wild horses in this valley, but never any cows. The 2 DSLR shots are focus-stacks, one at ∞, the other focused on the bones and blended. The other is a spontaneous iPhone […]

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