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Emergency Evacuation

Yoke in storage at Aviation Warehouse, winter 2014.

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Aviation Warehouse, Winter 2014.

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The Jade Throne

Found rotting at the abandoned Silver Queen Mine.

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Every Mile Magnificent

A fisheye view from the unrestored Scenicruiser’s top deck. The design, elegantly simple, yet unabashedly ’50s futuristic, the view epic. Whooshing down the interstate at night must have been amazing from up here, like flying through space. Due to the tightness of the quarters I couldn’t move past my tripod, so I spent about 30 […]

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Ralph Kramden

Junkyard Greyhound Scenic-Cruiser driver’s seat. Futuristic! A stack of 3 images, a 292-second straight moonlight shot and two other 20-25 second shots lit with warm white flashlight, all three stacked, blended and masked in Photoshop.

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The Split-Level Craze

More of Paul’s Scenic-Cruiser.  The crossed cracks in the double-pane glass stopped me in my tracks.  Difficult to pull this off, but I had to try: The camera was backed up as far as possible, right against the stack of scrap metal visible in yesterday’s post, the tripod, set up on a wobbly piece of metal that […]

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The split-level GM PD-4501 Scenicruiser, in storage at Paul’s.  Designed and built exclusively for Greyhound in the mid-’50s, only 1,001 were built and they always suffered from driveline problems and metal fatigue issues.  As iconic and fresh as they looked on America’s shiny new Interstates, these vehicles were a failure and most were scrapped by 1970. Night, 206 seconds […]

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Halfway to the Stars

The junked parking lot tram from Magic Mountain Amusement Park, still on the pile that circles the rendering pit, at Paul’s Junkyard. Night, 701 seconds under the full moon, with purple and red light from the Protomachine flashlight.

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Uneven Wear

I hadn’t planned on shooting this full moon, what with the New Years weekend and cold weather and all . . . but my pal Joe connected me with a couple of Swedish Journalists, in Las Vegas for the CES show, who were looking for a photographer to do a story about. With only 2 days notice, […]

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Hope Bolts

The last film image for oldies week, this was from the same Summer of ’99 trip to Arizona as yesterday’s post. This was at a little crossroads town called “Hope” where I quickly stopped to catch the lightning storm as it passed through. Yeah, I wish I lit it better, but hey, lightning on film! […]

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