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The Dangerous Place

Another angle inside the abandoned radar building that shows more of it’s unique round shape and super-strong, radial girder design.  Clearly there were some very heavy objects upstairs in the dome, which sits totally empty now (except for a few dead, trapped birds).  Lit with purple light from behind the elevator compartment, white, swept from […]

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Radiation Hazard

Into the abandoned radome with the fisheye, dodging the thunderstorm that passed through.  This is on the second floor, with the hand-pull elevator into the dome.  The most complete abandoned radome building I’ve ever been in—it was empty, but untouched.  Loving the industrial black and yellow safety tape everywhere, it prevented me smacking my head […]

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Watcher of the Skies

Meanwhile, back at the radar base on the top of the mountain in Nevada . . . Night, full moon, summer monsoon. Available light only.

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Big Show for me this Weekend! Are you going to the 3-day Kaa Boo Music and Art festival in DelMar this weekend? Well, 111 Minna Gallery is showcasing 3 artists in the Art pavilion and I’m one of them! I’ll have a dozen large prints for sale, 24x36s and 16x24s. Some new work too, including […]

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Another view inside the bunker on the mountain-top, in Nevada.  Fisheyed, lit with a flashlight in total darkness.

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Safe From Attack

Inside the blast-proof bunker at the abandoned mountain-top radar base.  I came in here specifically to dodge the torrential rainstorm that stalled on the peak for part of the night.  Bad air in here.  Dusty, stale.  This claustrophobic space was was dark as dark gets, lit with Protomachines flashlight.

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Former Air Force radar station on a mountaintop in Nevada. Complete with radomes and bunker, the site is now mostly derelict (yet still heavily patrolled). Night, full moon with red, orange and purple-set Protomachines flashlight.

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The Air Force Station

    In the summer of 2015 I wandered into this wide open former Air Force station on a Nevada mountain top for an exceptional night of shooting. I’ve tried to return several times since, only to find black, government-issue Suburbans parked up there that scared me off. The last visit I slipped in the […]

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21st Century Posture

That gas station, you know, the one in that big empty stretch between Beatty and Goldfield, Nevada.  Late at night, lit with red flashlight under the full moon.

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Blowin in the Wind

Abandoned wind-tunnel of a house, in California’s Mojave Desert. Purple, red and white flashlight during a 3-minute exposure.  Totally dark inside, full moon out.

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