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In Search of a Ghost Writer

The covered walkway to the cafeteria, at the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper printing plant, closed down and abandoned in 2009.  Based on the clean up work going on inside, demolition appears imminent. Deceptively complex to set up, this image was layered from two 400+ second exposures.  Because most of the doors are welded shut, the lighting […]

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Outside the Red Greenhouse

408 seconds, outside the main entrance/public public concourse of the now abandoned San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper printing plant. So futuristic when it was new, I think it’s still a pretty cool looking building. Night, 3/4 moon, red and lime-colored light applied with a Protomachines flashlight.

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Main entrance, concourse and management offices, at the abandoned SF Chronicle printing plant.  Night, 173 second exposure, 3/4 moon, red-set Protomachines flashlight.

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The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper printing plant.  Opened in 1982, closed and abandoned in 2009. This was the executive wing, the bosses corner office, complete with surveillance camera hanging over the roof. Night, 228-second exposure, 3/4 moon, red and blue-set Protomachines flashlight, sodium vapor lamp across the street.

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The Bacon Hallway

Late at night, inside the massive, maze-like rooftop air filtration system, at the San Francisco Chronicle’s old printing plant in Union City. Shut down and cleaned out in 2009, it’s now pretty much wide open to scrappers and explorers. The building is mostly empty and demolition is imminent. Total darkness, lit with the Protomachine flashlight, […]

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The Ivy League Twist

Overhead rail hoist controller, in the machine shop of an abandoned printing plant.  Fisheye.  Lit with Protomachines 2 flashlight, in total darkness.

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Just Old

Nice curves on this junkyard ’60 Oldsmobile.  The fisheye is so hard to work with in the dark, it took a deceptively large number of test shots to get a composition I liked.  65 second exposure, night.  Full moon, obscured by clouds, flashlight.

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Cutaway Crestline

Early 50′s Ford Coupe, with most of the lower body cut off.  137-seconds, night.  Full moon-light.  Lit by moving the light down both sides, along the cut edge.  It took a couple of tries to get one where you can’t see the light.  A little selective dodge, and some keystone correction in Photoshop, but the lighting […]

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Guidance is External (G-Body-Syle)

Night in the junkyard. 63-second exposure.  Full moon.  Purple, red and blue flashlight.

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Ride the Western Wind

Basket-case 1937 Lincoln Zephyr.  Night, 49 second exposure.  Red light from below, warm-white from above.

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