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Uneven Wear

I hadn’t planned on shooting this full moon, what with the New Years weekend and cold weather and all . . . but my pal Joe connected me with a couple of Swedish Journalists, in Las Vegas for the CES show, who were looking for a photographer to do a story about. With only 2 days notice, […]

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Hope Bolts

The last film image for oldies week, this was from the same Summer of ’99 trip to Arizona as yesterday’s post. This was at a little crossroads town called “Hope” where I quickly stopped to catch the lightning storm as it passed through. Yeah, I wish I lit it better, but hey, lightning on film! […]

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The Amber Hills Motel on Highway 60 in western Arizona, from the summer of ’99.  I love a neon sign where the paint’s burned off, yet the tubing is still intact. At least 8 minutes on Kodak 160T chrome film, red-gelled strobe.

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The Byron Hotel on Film

Found in an unmarked box of slides.  I didn’t even remember shooting these until I opened the box. It’s the abandoned Byron Hot Springs hotel, before it was completely covered in stupid graff. This would have been the September 2005 full moon, the last time I ever shot film because I had to: got my first DSLR and […]

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Big Sky Pump

Old work week continues with this one from the abandoned truck stop at Coaldale, NV, shot in August 2006.  My first desert shoot after switching to digital, this trip saw me wandering all over Western Nevada, then a quick guest lecturer stint at one of Lance Keimig’s Bodie workshops, and then my first visit to Aviation […]

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Future Fireball

The shot up VHS-tape-filled caretaker’s trailer, from my first trip to the abandoned Byron Hot Springs hotel. Shot October 2005–the month I switched to digital after doing this on film for 15 years. This one always gets culled out in favor of the building shots, making it kind of an orphan lost favorite. It burned […]

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Holiday Joy to You!

A recently unearthed Lost America baby picture, found in a mismatched box of slides.  No one in the family remembers this moment, but we’ve deduced it would have been spring ’61, at a NYC area airshow.  Looks like I’m paying more attention to what my mom was saying than the plane.  Of course, that would change […]

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Messages From Space

An abandoned quonset with a hole in the roof, 30 minutes of spinning stars, the full moon and some purple and red lights.

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New Workshop for May 2015

Workshop! Workshop! Workshop! Want to learn how to night shoot like me? Want to learn how to light subjects like I do? Want to refine your compositional eye? How about total access to a normally inaccessible classic “Lost America” style location? We’re here to help you with all these things. May 1, 2, 3, 2015, at the Valley Junkyard in Fresno. […]

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Black Windows

Airliner parts under the full moon, at Aviation Warehouse. Purple and red from the Protomachine flashlight, in 49 seconds.

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