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Junkyard Thrill Ride

In October 2013, a set of parking lot trams from Magic Mountain Amusement Park were a fresh arrival at Paul’s Junkyard.  Shortly after, they were absorbed into the pit for liquidation.  Last month I found this one half-crushed and on its side, “circling the drain.”  Night, 291-seconds.  All hand-held continuous source lighting, from the Protomachines flashlight.  Red from […]

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Under the Wishing Tree

Big news to announce soon . . . Beneath the weird Big Valley sky, with full moon and Protomachines flashlight.

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Not that you can tell in this view, but this late ’50s Mercury was made into a home made pick up.  Pretty much a total loss now.  At the junkyard that keeps on giving.  Night, 135-second exposure.  Purple wash from camera left, red skimmed down the background Ford (and cast on the car beside the […]

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Bat Manor

Grand Guignol, down on the farm.  It felt as creepy as it looked.  Purple, red and yellow from the Protomachines flashlight during a 102-second exposure.

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Coral Reef in the Clouds

Abandoned farm on the Freeway.  Lost my remote release after taking this picture, ended up shooting the rest of that full moon with a rock and a piece of tape as a shutter release.  ‘Round midnight, 153-second exposure.  Lighting: full moon, sodium vapor, passing traffic, and purple, pink and green from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Post-Lux Unicorn

1950s Electrolux vacuum, on an abandoned farm in the Big Valley. No idea what to make of that horn made of spider web, it was like that when I got here. Camera placed on the floor in total darkness.  With with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Your New Deuce and a Quarter

8-track tapes on the stove in an abandoned San Joaquin Valley farmhouse.  A few favorites, cherry picked from a box of cheesy EZ listening tapes and staged, titles include Flip Wilson’s “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress”, a couple of K-Tell AM hits albums from about 1970, and two really unusual demo tapes for […]

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Mr. Sprinkle’s Webby Eye

Bet that’s worse than sleep dirt.  In the Kitchen of an abandoned farmhouse.  White LED flashlight in total darkness.

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Her Haunted Patio

Another fantastic abandoned farm, loaded with quiet mystery, out in the Big Valley.

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