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The Trailers of Mystery

Old night-work on film week concludes with this 1960s vintage Pyramid Trucking trailer, derelict in the industrial neighborhood north of SFO. Shot September 1990.  No idea on the EXIF, but it looks like daylight-balanced film, with blue and red-gelled strobe.

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Bill’s Truck Stop 1990

December 1990, and according to the box of slides, someplace on Interstate 5. After googling, it seems Bill’s is now gone, and I’m unsure of the exact location. That J’s sign makes me think it’s at the junction of 58, and this is now the site of the T/A Travel Center, but I don’t really […]

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Yucca Super

Old film work week continues, with this never before scanned image, shot at the then freshly abandoned truck repair shop in Yucca Arizona.  July 1996.  Night, about 8-minutes at f/5.6.  Full moon, with blue and red gelled strobe.

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Rocket Test Site

More freshly scanned old film work, from October 1997 this time. Shot at the abandoned bunkers and block houses at the old rocket test site, North of Edwards AFB.  Same hole, two views. Night, about 8 minutes each, at f/5.6, on Kodak 160T chrome film.  Full moon, red and green-gelled strobe.      

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Out Of

Another freshly scanned ancient film image, this one’s from an October 1989 (by my count, just a few days before the Loma Prieta/SF earthquake) full moon nightshoot, in the oil fields around Coalinga, CA, with my brother Tom.  It was a very formative night of shooting.  Pretty sure access is strict in them thar hills now, but back then […]

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The Golden Sedan Chair (maerD slriG yrevE)

Heavily customized and cannibalized first-generation Camaro.  Candy paint, pinstripes and crushed velvet, now rotten. Fit for the queen of the dead, “Every Girls Dream” is painted in the back window.  Night, full moon, Protomachines flashlight, composite of two exposures (the sunroof lighting).

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Sold Out in London!

Great news from London! All my prints currently on display at the Heist Gallery in Kensington sold, for £700 each, and I’m told some important collectors are taking notice. Wow. Maybe those cheap 8x10s you bought over the last few years might be worth something someday! Thanks for all your support over the the last […]

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Coupe de Cold War

It might look like an ICBM pointed at the enemy, but everybody should just relax.  It’s really just a fisheye ’61 Caddy fin, poised on a pile of parts at the Junkyard of the Gods.  Night, 1:40 AM, 167-second exposure.  Red and purple-set Protomachines flashlight.

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Elvis’s Sunglasses

Cannibalized 1974 Charger.  Camera sitting on a hotel towel, on the ground. Shot at the Valley Junkyard while teaching my night photography workshop.  Lime and red from the Protomachines flashlight.  73-second exposure.  

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Banking With Seats

Done as a light painting demo for a group of participants during last weekend’s workshop. I saw lightbulbs go off over some heads when I did this one.  It’s the front half of some kind of nondescript Mopar sedan from the mid-’60s. The sawn-off back roof pillar was just inches from the camera (and my […]

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