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Banking With Seats

Done as a light painting demo for a group of participants during last weekend’s workshop. I saw lightbulbs go off over some heads when I did this one.  It’s the front half of some kind of nondescript Mopar sedan from the mid-’60s. The sawn-off back roof pillar was just inches from the camera (and my […]

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Just back from another junkyard night photography workshop, and my co-teacher Joe has totally outdone himself on the group portrait again with this hilarious time-lapse video.  What a bunch of nuts! You really should take one of our workshops!

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Like Riding on Air

’59 Olds with it’s broken wrap-around windshield laying across it’s trunk.  Kind of an archie composition.  Fisheye lens from ridiculously close.  Red, blue and lime light from the Protomachine flashlight.

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Robert Driver

For all the Bob’s out there. I keep thinking I see “Robot” Driver . . . It’s a 1953 De Soto Powermaster, mildly hot rodded/customized in the ’60s and then left untouched in the bitchenest junkyard for a few decades. Night, 121-second exposure. Fish-eye lens.  Full moon. Warm white from 2 directions, purple from one. Protomachines […]

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The Cerulean Hornet

One of about 150 Chrysler Imperials at my favorite junkyard, from last winter.  Fisheye-lens from about a foot away.  Night, 55-second exposure, under by 2+ stops, to keep the scene dark and let the lighting pop.  Blue from straight down, indirect red, bounced off the ground, warm white snooted into the lights.  Protomachine flashlight.

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Mayan Ruins

I’ve got cars on the brain this week.  Can’t wait to get back to my favorite junkyard again (and take a bunch of you with me)!  This customized drag racing Ford Pinto ended up rolled into the eucalyptus grove in the middle of the yard.  Warm white onto the car from camera right, red from […]

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The Mudskipper

Super-rare ’58 Packard Clipper, stashed at the Valley Junkyard.  There is still room for next weekend’s workshop in this amazing location loaded with thousands of interesting cars, trucks, RVs and busses to shoot.  Read all about it here.  124-second exposure, under the full moon, with snooted warm light into the headlights.

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Chambers Chevron

I think this was probably my favorite of the November ’96 film work I did at Chambers Arizona.  Find this one on page 71 of my long OOP 2003 book “Lost America.” Still lots of fall off in the corners and overall smooshyness, but at least I did a perspective correction on it this time. […]

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The Chambers of your Heart

Followers of my postings may have noticed I’ve been starting to mix in some of my skronky old film work lately. Yes, I’ve finally starting rooting through the piles of slide boxes in the garage and broken out the scanner again, and you won’t believe some of the stuff I’ve been digging up.  I’ve been […]

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Points of the Mojave

I don’t know which one I like more, so here’s both.  Portable rooms, forgotten in the high desert.  Down some dirt road, late at night.  116 seconds/134 seconds, lit by the full moon and Protomachine flashlight. Perspective distortion corrected in Photoshop.

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