The Floating Front

Another view of Paul’s Electric Sportsrider, a tiny, 3-wheeled electric car from about 1960. This was as low as I could go without showing the centered front wheel. 87-seconds, lots of mixed lighting.

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Byron Hot Springs Resort Gallery

Shot between 2005 and 2007, many of the people following my work now have probably never seen these, so it’s time to put a set of ‘em on the website. Byron Hot springs was a resort hidden in the hills between Oakland and Stockton CA.  It’s 1920s heyday was eclipsed by abandonment during the Great […]

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The Robot Forehead

The Electric Sportsrider, a cartoonish electric car from about 1960.  It was sitting in a hidden corner on 3 flat tires (it’s a 3-wheeler).  It took three full grown men to roll it out where we could shoot it.  It looks small, but it’s powered by about 30 car batteries and weighs a million pounds. […]

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SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D Hanomag

My Russian Front series ends with the sloping, deflective rear of the MVTF collection’s Sdkfz 251 German WWII Halftrack.  Single source light to keep it stark, simple hardware store LED flashlight in the total dark.

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T-34 85

A pristine T-34 85, a Russian tank from the later-half of WWII, at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, a museum in Portola Valley, California. This tank turned the tide on the Eastern front, it’s bigger 85mm canon, adapted from an AA gun, made it the first Russian tank that could take on the German Panthers […]

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SdKfz 2 Kleines Kettenkrad

Probably my favorite piece from the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation museum in Portola Valley California.  The entire 200 vehicle collection was recently purchased by the Collings Foundation.  They retained this perfectly restored (and eyepoppingly rare) German WWII halftrack motorcycle, along with a few other uber-rare vehicles.  The rest of the collection will be auctioned off […]

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A Scoop of Rocky Road

Lockheed P-2 Neptune engine scoop, lit with the Protomachine flashlight.

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Lichen the Logo

Close up of the damp and shady back end of yesterday’s trailer.  20-seconds in deep shade, warm white flashlight.

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