King Kong’s Armpit

Stripped and derelict B-52, on the fringes of Edwards AFB.  Summer 2014.  153-seconds, full moon, the glowing base lights in the distance, and Protomachine flashlight.

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Adumbral Sync

Abandoned Quonset hut, near Rosamond, California.  5-minute exposure, full moon and red flashlight.

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Bun Boy Brown Sky

Meanwhile, back in Baker . . . the Bun Boy restaurant and motel have been closed for 15+ years now, but their sign still towers over Interstate 15’s shoulder. The Blue Cut fire smoked the town out, even though it was over 100 miles away. 108° windy and smoky, pretty awful conditions, but still more fun […]

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The Halloran Shine

I vividly remember enjoying making this one, taking advantage of the reflection, balancing all the colors, angles and distances, working with a great deal of intention.  Lotsa fun.

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Halloran Islands

Here’s another before and after pairing at Halloran Springs, this time the new pump islands first installed (and shot) in 1993, and the second from August 2016, years after the site had been abandoned. The spring’s on a ridge with big vistas, looking 15 miles down the interstate to Baker and beyond.  

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High Sodium Diet

The Halloran Springs Exit off of Interstate 15, on the run to Vegas.  I almost cropped off the right side to 4×5, but thought the shoes hanging from the roof were a nice touch.  August 2016, red, white and purple flashlight, with the available street and full moon light.

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Eat More Fowl

Another view of the abandoned roadside complex at Halloran Springs, California.  It was a very smoky night, from the Blue Cut Fire, August 2016.  3-minutes under the full moon and cool white-set Protomachines flashlight on the signs and structure.

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Halloran Springs

Two views of Halloran Springs California, a lonely spot off of Interstate 15, overlooking the eastern approach to Baker, California. The first is from a late afternoon June monsoon, in 1993, when the gas station was freshly refurbished with a new set of islands, and the mechanic roved the steep grade with his tow truck […]

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The Owl on the Mountain

I found it that way, I just had to set up to take advantage of it.  Hard to see set ups like this in the dark with a fisheye lens.  Sand Canyon, after the fire, shot November 2014.  2 minutes of full moon outside and lime ambient fill with some white spotlight on the owl.

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Pro Photographer Magazine

Here’s another magazine interview, this one from 2015, for Pro Photographer Magazine, out of New Zealand. That image, Planet Claire, was shot in the summer of 2014, on the fringes of Edwards AFB. Thanks for running the piece James!

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