Weird goings on at the abandoned housing tract at decommissioned Boron AFS/Prison. Nice to work in the early evening, with the moon still low in the sky. Full moonlight, with red Protomachine flashlight inside the house.  137 second exposure.

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The Moon’s First Kiss

Finally transitioning to full darkness, the rising full moon begins to cast long shadows on the abandoned guards housing tract at the abandoned Boron AFB/Prison.  I could hear coffin lids creaking open all around me as the vampires began to stir . . .  oh wait, that was probably just some jackrabbits making noise in there . […]

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Big Red Moon

The full moon crests the horizon at dusk, at the abandoned Boron AFS (WWII to 1975) and later, Boron Prison (1979 to 2000).  This 25-house tract was built to house the prison guards and their families, it’s now home to jackrabbits and spiders . . . not a soul for miles in any direction.  It was really […]

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A House is Not a Home (unless you’re a rabbit)

Sunset in the completely abandoned housing tract, at the decommissioned Boron Air Force Station (and Prison), lost and forgotten in California’s high desert.  About 25 houses (and dozens of other structures) stand open to the elements, gutted and severely vandalized.  Still a little too early for time exposures and light painting, but the vibe here was so […]

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The Ink Mist Vortex

One of four 4-foot fans in the rooftop air-filtration system of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper printing plant.  Closed and abandoned in 2009, now wide open to explorers and scrappers.  About midnight, mid-week.  The air scrubbing system on the roof was a maze of room-sized chambers, fans and filters, with ship-like hatches between them.  Good job opening those […]

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The Heist Gallery Show

I’m honored to announce that 4 of my prints have been selected as part of the group show for the launch of the new brick and mortar HEIST gallery in the Notting Hill section of London, England.  My first UK show, very exciting! The opening is this thursday at 6PM.  I won’t be there, but you […]

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Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Taken at the Valley Junkyard (near Fresno) while teaching last April’s workshop.  Pssst, a new workshop is opening for registration today . . . Night, full moon, 67-second exposure.  Protomachine flashlight set to yellows and greens.  Yes, I adjusted the piece of glass and those metal spindles to suit my needs.

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The Sun Sets on Upper Management

This two-story management office overlooks the enormous warehouse, where thousands of copies of today’s newspaper was stacked and loaded into trucks for pre-dawn delivery.  Late at night, inside the San Francisco Chronicle’s now abandoned printing plant.  Totally dark space.  A good example of just how bright the Protomachines flashlight can be set.  Composite of two exposures.

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Footprints On The Line

The cavernous, 3-story pressroom, at the now abandoned San Francisco Chronicle newspaper printing plant.  The footprints in the dust illustrate the volume of traffic through the site . . . from scrappers and explorers, like me.  Lit with the Protomachine flashlight.

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The Dirty Panel

There’s very little machinery left inside the abandoned San Francisco Chronicle newspaper printing plant, but this eye-catching control panel demanded my attention.  It controlled the flow of the giant rolls of paper into the presses.  Warm white light from 3 directions, one key, two, fill.  33-second exposure in total darkness.

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