The Empty Throne

For Steve Harper (1931-2016).  He was the night photographer’s night photographer.

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Arne’s Royal Hawaiian

Shortly after sunset last Tuesday, in Baker California.  108° and windy . . . and right in the path of the smoke from the Blue Cut fire.  At times that night visibility was down to a few miles.  You could see the ash in the beams of your lights, falling like snow.  Baker is rarely […]

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Strike the Colors

Abandoned homesteader shack, Wonder Valley, California, 2015.  Red, purple and warm white hand-held flashlight during a 184-second exposure under the full moon.

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Chesterfield Rats

Nest in a sofa, in an abandoned house. Wonder Valley, California.  Late 2015.  Red and white hand held light. A couple of minutes of full moon light outside.

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Early American Tiger Hassock

Up-close and fisheyed, in an abandoned kitchen, Wonder Valley, California. Lots of funny angles, tangents and screwy depth things going on here. Stationary and swept flashlight from 4 directions, during a 102-second exposure, under full moon light (but totally dark inside).

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The Sand Fire

My friend Ron Pinkerton posted a very cool night shot of the Sand Fire, currently raging north of LA, last weekend. I liked it so much, I made a night wildfire painting yesterday. It’s a pretty loose interpretation of Ron’s pic.

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100 Thistles

Farm truck, abandoned in the golden hills of California.  Shot August 2015. 3-minute exposure, lit with Protomachine flashlight in deep shade.

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Jet on Rails

Fisheyed Vought F8 fuselage at Paul’s, 10/14.  Yellow, purple and red light, under the full moon for 140 seconds.

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Connie and the Warthogs

November 1996, Tucson, Arizona. Over the fence at one of the recyclers on the perimeter of Davis Montana AFB. A mothballed AWACS Constellation, with A-10s circling overhead, doing touch-and-go’s. I ended up getting in there to shoot it about 5 years later, after it was dragged to a different spot. It’s gone now, no idea […]

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