Happy Valentween

The master bath in the Madame’s suite, at an abandoned whore house called Bobbies Buckeye Bar, in Tonopah, Nevada.  Shot  on a hot afternoon in the summer of 2013.  Lit with a protomachine light in total darkness.

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Kind of an unusual cold-war quonset hut design, near the flight-line at Crows Landing field. The ribs run in the opposite direction from normal and the whole thing seems to have a hardened shell. Probably considered blast-proof . . . but not bulldozer-proof: it was torn down in April 2013.

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The Fire Station’s Demise

I returned to Crows Landing to do more night shooting during the following month’s full moon . . . only to find that most of the buildings at the base had been torn down . . . including the fire station.  I knew it was a short timer, but I didn’t expect a pile of […]

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Sealed for Destruction

The front door of the fire station at Crows Landing, a former NASA/Navy auxiliary airfield in the San Joaquin Valley.  The way workers had professionally gutted the interior, you could tell this building was a short-timer.  To enhance this scene’s squareness I needed to line up the verticals as best as I could, so I set […]

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Fire Station 109

Building 109, the fire station, at the abandoned Crows Landing airport, a NASA and Navy auxiliary field in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  I stopped down to f/11 to buy some extra time because I knew it would take me a good six or seven minutes to run thru the building, adding light in all the […]

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Runway 35 Overlook

No, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to climb my first abandoned airport Control Tower. Getting up here was easy, but nasty. The stairwell was scattered with nesting birds and the bodies of their grandfathers: one of those ‘hold your breath and climb 3 flights of stairs as fast as you can’ situations. The last steep ladder […]

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The Pink Siren

The Tower, air raid siren and searchlight, at Crows Landing, an abandoned NASA/Navy auxiliary field in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  It’s not sunset, the sun had been down for hours.  That’s all sodium vapor light bouncing off the fast-moving storm clouds.  186-seconds, f/8. Snooted pink Protomachine and the full moon.

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The Dark Tower

The abandoned control tower at  NASA’s Crows Landing Auxiliary Field. Crow’s Landing was an auxiliary field in the San Joaquin Valley that served Alameda Naval Air Station and NASA Ames Research Center / Moffett Field.  It opened in 1942. From the 1960s to the ’90s NASA used it to conduct flight tests on experimental aircraft.  The base closed […]

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Pterodactyl Nest

A mysterious giant nest, at the top floor of a six-story missile silo. Well actually, it’s sparrow’s nest inside the four-foot-tall engine root of a junk Lockheed P-2 Neptune.  Protomachine flashlight.

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A Year on the Nostromo

Fellow night shooter Tor-Erik Bakke was the only one at the alumni workshop at Paul’s junkyard last fall that was willing to pose for a portrait, wearing my bitchen, but filthy, thrift-store space helmet (actually a bead-blasting helmet).  Since it’s not hooked up to a compressor, I think he would have  suffocated in there in […]

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