For the Temples

Back to the back of the abandoned bowling alley. I’m sure there’s a lane mechanic/aficionado out there who can tell me what this mysterious machine was used for. It was mounted to a 4-wheeled AV cart (with one wheel missing). Maybe if YOU put your head in there it downloads all the secrets of the universe into your cortex . […]

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Kamera and Bild Article

Frequent followers may remember, I was interviewed and photographed by Swedish magazine journalists at Paul’s Junkyard, around New Years.  The story, in “Kamera & Bild” (Camera & Image) is now on newsstands all over Sweden.  Here is a link to a PDF of the entire article.   The sprawling 10-pager is unlike any past magazine piece about my photography, with pictures […]

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Pro Shop Special

Sign hanging over the lanes at the abandoned and ravaged bowling alley. Backlit and frontlit (thanks Riki) with Protomachines flashlight in total darkness.

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Flying V Springs

Another fisheye view of the stripped and abandoned bowling alley, from the spot where the pin-setting machines were. Natural flashlight in total darkness.

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A Cherry Jubilee

A few fisheye details from the abandoned bowling alley. Inches from the lane control panel, the lens was actually under the clear lucite protective panel. Even though it was still broad daylight, it was pitch dark inside the boarded up building. 27-seconds, lit with flashlight. Yes, the bowling alley’s sound system was an 8-Track player! 9-second exposure. Still plenty of […]

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Campfire on Lane 13

Brain of abandoned bowling alley squatter: “I’m cold, I’ll light a fire right here in the ball return to keep me warm.”  The wooden lane surfaces were already salvaged, leaving  a treacherous 2×4 framework suspended a foot off the concrete foundation.  Made for a lot of extra thinking and effort to set up and light in the total darkness. […]

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Bowlin’ With Riki

Abandoned Bowling Alley in California’s Central Valley, ravaged by craaazy squatters/scrappers and sealed up tight.  The lanes and pin setting machines were removed and it was pretty devastated overall, but still an exceptional way to spend an evening.  Access was difficult: long drive, hopping fences in daylight, and a tight squeeze, crawling through broken glass to […]

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The Point of No Return

Movie prop conglomeration of Fairchild and Sikorsky cockpit parts, in storage at Aviation Warehouse on a cold, wet night.  Night, 136-seconds.  Lit with white and purple from the Protomachines flashlight, all other light is local ambient.  A little perspective correction required in Photoshop.

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Inside the tail of a C-118 (the military/cargo variant of the DC-6), looking at another C-118 fuselage, at Aviation Warehouse. Lit with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Instrumental Flight

Early-model Boeing 707 Flight Engineer station.  Pretty sure this unit was a training simulator.  In storage at Aviation Warehouse.  Total darkness, Protomachines flashlight, 2 colors from 3 directions.

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