Bamboo Dash

A complete junkyard 1953 Kaiser Manhattan, the one with the widows peak windshield. Exotic in it’s day, extremely rare in 2015. Night, lit with a flashlight.

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From the Tip of Your Toe

Camera pointed almost straight up from the pilot’s footwell of a junkyard Bell Huey helicopter. Full moon, Ultramarine and lime-set Protomachines flashlight, 39-seconds.

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The Lost Arrow

All it said on the box of slides was “Summer 99, AZ”  Others in there put it near Solame, Arizona, Highway 60 west of Phoenix. 160T Kodak Film, about 8-minutes, lit with hand-held, gelled strobe.

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Dead Air

For you control panel fetishists, a pile of dust covered WWII-vintage Army-Air Force radio equipment. Lit with flashlight in total darkness.

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The Forward Look

Two versions of a ’57 Dodge Coronet. Can’t decide which one to post, so here’s both. Direct, indirect and snooted Protomachine flashlight under the full moon.

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This is one of those late-’70s AMC Hornet-based AMX’s with about 110 horsepower, so really, this sticker on the hood WAS the car’s best feature. Shot in 2011, 23-seconds, lit with an LED flashlight.

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Hanta House

Just after 1AM on a drought night in an abandoned Delta farmhouse, overrun with small animals and birds looking for a cool spot to nest.  I could hear them chattering and scurrying about while I clomped around the house for 20 minutes, balancing my lighting. Unfortunately, none of these animals were housebroken.

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Cop Crush

A pile of wrecked movie-prop police cars, destined for the shredder. 62 seconds, cool white LED outside, warm inside.

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Bridge to Engine Room

Drifting through the cosmos in a filthy 1960s Diplomat III RV space wreck.  “How much longer till we have impulse power?” “I need more tiiiime, cap’n!” “Ensign, you have the con, I’m coming down there myself!” etc., etc.

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