The Droopy Red Tail

Ok, OK, I promise, no pictures of cars for a few days!  Found on a bypassed chunk of old highway 99, near Fresno, California.

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The Three Ed’s

The Three Ed’s, like they were lined up on the lot outside the showroom!  From my first trip to Pearsonville, March of 2009.  I snuck into this abandoned junkyard, across country in the middle of the night, alone, spending most of the evening slack jawed at all the amazing Detroit Iron to shoot.  I ended […]

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‘Round the Brier Patch

Early ’60s Chevy Greenbrier Van, that goofy rear-engined, Corvair-based one.  Red, lime and white light from about 20 directions, full moon and nearby factory lights outside.

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Wings and Antlers

The droopy map pockets of a cloven 1986 Mercedes 300.  Lit by the full moon, with lime and red-set Protomachine flashlight, during an 81-second exposure.

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Chicken Driver

Early ’60s Chevrolet Greenbrier Van.  Pretty sure the chicken-wire window was not a factory option.  Another one of life’s little junkyard mysteries.  Full moon, lime and red-set Protomachine flashlight.

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Idiot Grin

The entirely unattractive face of the ’58 Studebaker Provincial wagon.  Remember kids, brush your teeth every day!

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Retirement to the Provinces

I guess, over the last 50 years, the meaning of the word Provincial has changed.

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Ready for the jump to rusty, mildewed hyperspace.  

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Bumper Crop

I really have no explanation for what’s going on here.  I just knew it was too weird to not shoot.

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Spider Eyes

Loved the way the quad headlights were hung on this thing.  Those junkyard guys sure have a sense of humor.  192 seconds of running around under the full moon, adding light.  Snooted white on the headlights.  Lime and red from many angles too.

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