The Time Enforcement Commission

Lets make the clocks run in reverse, from the backseat of the crumbling TimeCop prop vehicle at Paul’s, the future looks bleak.  101-second exposure, full moon and flashlight.

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A decrepit prop, from the TimeCop TV show, fades and turns to dust at Paul’s Junkyard.  57-second exposure.

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Oral Terrors

Happy Halloween, time to embrace your dental fears!  Who am I kidding, it’s halloween every day at casa Lost America. Abandoned medical offices, Alameda Naval Air Station, 2008.  Lit with a Coast LED flashlight in total darkness.

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Tramway to the Stars

Magic Mountain parking lot tram, perched precariously on the pile, in the pit, at Paul’s Junkyard. The red lighting was difficult: I had to climb loosely stacked debris from behind to get the shadows through the glass, and it took an uncomfortable number of tries to get it right. Also purple, from high camera right, and yellow, onto the wheel […]

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Junkyard Thrill Ride

In October 2013, a set of parking lot trams from Magic Mountain Amusement Park were a fresh arrival at Paul’s Junkyard.  Shortly after, they were absorbed into the pit for liquidation.  Last month I found this one half-crushed and on its side, “circling the drain.”  Night, 291-seconds.  All hand-held continuous source lighting, from the Protomachines flashlight.  Red from […]

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Under the Wishing Tree

Big news to announce soon . . . Beneath the weird Big Valley sky, with full moon and Protomachines flashlight.

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Not that you can tell in this view, but this late ’50s Mercury was made into a home made pick up.  Pretty much a total loss now.  At the junkyard that keeps on giving.  Night, 135-second exposure.  Purple wash from camera left, red skimmed down the background Ford (and cast on the car beside the […]

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Bat Manor

Grand Guignol, down on the farm.  It felt as creepy as it looked.  Purple, red and yellow from the Protomachines flashlight during a 102-second exposure.

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Coral Reef in the Clouds

Abandoned farm on the Freeway.  Lost my remote release after taking this picture, ended up shooting the rest of that full moon with a rock and a piece of tape as a shutter release.  ‘Round midnight, 153-second exposure.  Lighting: full moon, sodium vapor, passing traffic, and purple, pink and green from the Protomachines flashlight.

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