152, 3 AM

For those of you that don’t know, I paint too.  Acrylic on 16×20 canvas.  About 7 hours work, not including preliminary sketches.

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The First Bus

November 1999. 160T film. No idea of exposure, but it looks short for me, maybe 4 minutes? Possibly before moonrise. Church bus, left behind in a junkyard near Wasco, California, that no longer exists. Almost broke my leg off stepping out of that door into a 2-foot hole, obscured by tumbleweeds, after adding the red […]

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Fireball XL5

I half expected to see the stringless ghost of Steve Zodiac climb out of the dusty cockpit of “Snoopy”, the forgotten B-58; parked among the Joshuas and creosote on the dry-lake fringe of Edwards AFB, like some crashed sci-fi space ship on some distant planet.  About 15 minutes with no added light.  August 2014.  Still remains one of […]

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Petroleum Bender

Looking West from southern Nevada, as a late spring storm comes barreling in from the Sierras. Near midnight, May 21st, 2016. Fisheyed and lit from 2 directions (plus the full moon), in the lobby of that lonely gas station, in that big empty between Beatty and Goldfield.

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Chas de Young

Big fun at the one-night-workshop at Cypress Lawn cemetery last night, shooting with a big pack of night photographers. Catching up with old friends, making new ones, and taking weird pictures, on a perfect, crystal clear night.  Some of the newbies fell for the technique hard, always fun to watch. Charles de Young, co-founder and editor […]

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Last Chance

Gutted gas station, bypassed by Interstate 15, Yermo, California.

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Full Sevice

Misspelled and abandoned. Rural Nevada, in the middle of a cold and windy night.  That trailer is a ’50s-vintage Spartan Imperial Mansion. Mysterious, rubber-hosed Jet stream Hair drier, inside Jo’s abandoned trailer/salon.

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One night workshop at Cypress Lawn

Last year I agreed to co-host a one-night photography workshop with Jon Haeber at Cypress Lawn cemetery in Colma this coming June. My payment: unlimited, private, night-shooting access, from the management at the most prestigious San Francisco cemetery (and yes, it’s impossible to sneak into: speaking from experience, the place is jammed with alarms and […]

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