Red Rib H.Q.

Back on the hill at Boron AFS/Federal Prison.  Red and green-set Protomachines flashlight.

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Smells Like Jeff Gordon

Junked 3rd-gen Firebird Trans Am at Eagle Field, 2013.  No idea what it was that decomposed in the front seat, but I’m certain the circa-1994 Jeff Gordon air freshener made it more fragrant.  Nice UAL kids-wings pinned under the TA logo too.  Night, total darkness, warm and cool flashlights.

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Stained By Inmates

A little too intimate/a little too infinite at Boron Federal Minimum Security Prison.  Abandoned since 2001, so it’s had a chance to air out, but it was still pretty funky in this building. I liked the full moon light and shadows coming in from the left, so I went out and mirrored it with red light from the […]

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Joshua Over Locust

The entrance gate and road out to Highway 395.  Boron AFS/Federal Prison.  Green, yellow and warm-white Protomachine flashlight, with the full moon tucked behind the Joshua Tree.

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Kingman 1996

Here’s a special treat for all the aircraft nerds.  It’s a 1973-vintage Continental DC-10, mothballed on the tarmac at Kingman, AZ, shot in July, 1996.  18 years ago, this month!  I recall it being about a million degrees and a million % humidity, with some refreshing rain on the hills, just out of reach.  Look how close I could […]

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The Boron Overlook

The barracks/prison blocks, the ring of guards housing just beyond, and the city of Boron beyond that.  Basically, looking about 45° left of yesterday’s post.  Boron AFS/Federal Prison, abandoned in 2001.  What a fun, lonely place to explore in the middle of the night.  517 second exposure, under full moon light.

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The Boron Radome

537-seconds under the full moon.

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Decagon Rails

Unusual 10-sided pre-fab metal workshop building at the top of the peak, next to the radome, decommissioned Boron AFB/Federal Prison.  That’s a mirror farm and Kramer Junction in the middle distance.  Night, 151-seconds, full moon and a little red flashlight.

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The Church on the Peak (Inside)

Idyllic bas relief sculpture and mural inside the boarded-up church on the bluff, at decommissioned/abandoned Boron AFS/Federal Prison.  Out the doorway, the harsh reality of the high desert night, and an endless stream of semis on Highway 58, about seven miles away.  167-second exposure.

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