Sideways Bus

October 1997, about 8 minutes inside a rolled ’60s GM “Fishbowl” city bus, northwest of Kramer Junction, California.  At one time there were about 50 retired Los Angeles RTD busses slowly being disassembled in that dirty, windblown spot.  There’s still a few in the area, but the site is totally cleared now.  Probably lit with gelled strobe […]

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Venus, Jupiter and Speedbird

I caught last week’s celestial event, the alignment of Jupiter and Venus in the western night sky, seen as a width-changing star trail along the right edge of the frame. No, the fisheye is not the ideal lens for capturing celestial events. It is, however, the ideal lens for capturing bitchen junkyard cars, like this […]

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Harold Chasen

You know you wanna climb in . . . For all you goth hearse collectors, 8×12″ and 24×36″ (2×3 foot), ready to hang, frameless metal prints are available. $150 and $500 each. Limited Editions of 10 on the smalls and 5 on the big.

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The back seat of a rare 4-door ’71 Thunderbird, the one with the suicide doors.  Good parts car . . . as if someone would actually restore one of these (see also my recent “Orcabird” post).  41-seconds in late twilight, 100° outside, about 2000° in the car when I opened the door.

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Grazing Impala

Stripped ’64 Impala, on blocks in the back 40, under the full moon for 205 seconds.  Pretty lush for a drought year.  Yellow, blue and red, skimmed and grazed with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Disco Coat Check

The entry foyer at The Homeport Club, Alameda NAS.  The closed nightclub on the decommissioned base.  Total darkness in here, lit with 4 colors from at least 8 directions.

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