The Best Side of Boron

On the last night of October’s secret alumni workshop, I took the group on a field trip to the abandoned AFS/Prison at Boron.  A bit more tagged and mauled since last summer, but still highly shootable.  Free-range workshopping (ie: not inside a junkyard for the night) was a new experience for me, but everyone loved it. 146-seconds under the […]

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A selfie from July 1989.  Back to the very beginning . . . this would be from the first time I ever experimented with synced strobes.  One of those “What happens if I look into . . . OW!” moments.  Done in broad daylight, 1/60th, with gelled green and pink strobes. Looks like I was already exercising my […]

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The Silver Queen Goes Into Reruns

I found the TV fascia in a nearby abandoned building and threw it in my back seat, knowing I’d find a place to shoot it later that night.  Weird how it’s been melted, huh? Just a couple of years ago there would have been virtually no lights in the distance of this shot.  The encroachment […]

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The Forgotten Empire

It’s a DuMont! Never actually seen one of these in person. Today almost no one remembers, but in the early days of television, the fledgling DuMont Network fought for a share of the market with NBC and CBS. Started by DuMont Laboratories as a showcase for their line of televisions, it was beset with troubles […]

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Sony No Baloney

Found in a set of abandoned triple-wide trailers outside the town of Mojave last summer.  The food bowls are a total mystery to me. Due to some distracting highlights, I ended up compositing the face of the TV from a second exposure.  I also worked on correcting the perspective in Photoshop, to try and square things […]

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Shutterbug Interview!

  Now on newsstands, Shutterbug magazine’s “Expert Photo Techniques” issue contains a flattering 4-page interview with me about the past, present and future of light painted night photography. The issue also contains interviews with other NP/LPers Lance Keimig, Darren Pearson and Larrie Thomson: lotsa good reading for any night shooter.  Read the entire article as a […]

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This Sale

The gas pump graveyard . . . at my favorite junkyard.  48-seconds under full moon light: the ambient scene is underexposed by 2+ stops, and I used the Protomachine flashlight to key the subjects.  2 colors, 3 directions. Shot at last September’s workshop.

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Put a Tiger In Your Tank

Red and white-set Protomachine flashlight, and the full moon.  This was minutes before the “Red Moon” eclipse last April shut down full moon exposures for the night.

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The Time Enforcement Commission

Lets make the clocks run in reverse, from the backseat of the crumbling TimeCop prop vehicle at Paul’s, the future looks bleak.  101-second exposure, full moon and flashlight.

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A decrepit prop, from the TimeCop TV show, fades and turns to dust at Paul’s Junkyard.  57-second exposure.

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