Effie Gets The Hook

She brims with the fullness of time, from the back row of some forgotten junkyard.  Happy New Year.

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Caribbean Skies

Mid-50s junkyard Packards, lit by the glowing urban horizon, full moon . . . and (red/blue-set) Protomachine flashlight. 93-second exposure.

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Pa Binks

Yes, it looks like that obnoxious Star Wars character.  Sorry about that.  It’s just what happens she you get a little too close to a ’58 Packard Clipper with a fisheye lens.  Night, 40-seconds, snooted Protomachine flashlight, set to ultramarine and warm white.

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Coupe de Cay


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Imperial Acres

One employee says there’s more than 200 Chrysler Imperials in this corner of the junkyard. While I’m certain that’s an exaggeration, I counted over 100 (Early 1950s to 1970-ish) before I gave up. This moss-covered ’64 Le Baron still has the keys hanging out of the trunk AND the coolest gas door ever! Red and […]

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The Buck Baker Bends

Oh boy, a new fisheye lens!  This should make my weird pictures even weirder.  And pose lots of new challenges, like getting lights, tripod legs and shadows in the shot. A junkyard ’56 Chrysler, full moon, Protomachine flashlight. 80-second exposure.

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Crying Your Eyes Out

Poor ugly Plymouth, don’t be too sad, at least you have nice dimples (between the U and the T).  It only took 28 seconds to light this with a Protomachine flashlight, but it also took a lot of tries to get it right.

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Cruisin’ the El, In Heaven

A new addition at Paul’s Junkyard last October, this halved ’77 El Camino, with its burnt-out interior, has already disappeared into the gaping maw of the recycling machines in The Pit.  426-seconds, early in the evening, in the total darkness before the moonrise.  Neutral-white-set Protomachine flashlight from 2 directions.

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The Spring Workshop

At 10AM on Monday, I announced a spring 2014 night photography and light painting workshop (with Joe Reifer) to my pre-registration mailing list.  By 1PM the workshop was FULL.  Sold out in three hours–without even mentioning it publicly.  I’m overwhelmed by your response.  Thank you! So, I’m not looking for more people for this workshop, […]

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Moonrise Over Section 243

The September full moon, rising over a pack of junkyard ’50s Chevys.  15-seconds , f/11, iso 200.  Done with 2 exposures because I couldn’t run around with the flashlight fast enough.

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