The Golden Harp

Wavy keys inside the abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.  It smelled real bad in here, like decaying flesh. There must have been some dead critter rotting under the pile of moldy clothes and household items that covered most of the floor. Easily one of the filthiest, nastiest interiors I’ve ever worked. And brutally hot […]

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An Uninvited Guest

The abandoned farmhouse was pretty trashed and nasty inside, and there was a little tagging, like this giant mug on the living room window. But all of it looked old, as if it was abandoned 20 years ago, found by local kids 19 years ago, and then no one’s been in there since. Remarkable. I usually try to avoid […]

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Number 92

Oh boy, an abandoned farm, in the middle of nowhere, that can only be reached by a 2 mile hike over hill and dale?  I can’t wait until it gets dark!  Thanks to B&C for the coordinates.

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Bad Eyed and Loveless

Try to picture this ’62 Caddy convertible in it’s previous life: inside a Las Vegas casino, perched on it’s nose (on that pipe), with it’s gutted interior replaced by a big flatscreen TV.  Now it’s at Paul’s junkyard awaiting a questionable fate . . .  Paul said taking this car down, without denting it or tearing the […]

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The Night of the Cabover

“Hey, post something with longer star trails” the guy said. These are about 15 minutes worth.  I could do longer, but really, I have other pictures I need to be taking! Abandoned on the outskirts of Mojave, CA.  This was done shortly after dark, so there’s still some vestiges of weirdly warm ambient light infusing […]

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Perturbing Vectors

Trailer on the hill at Boron AFS/Federal Prison, abandoned in 2001.  I kept working it until I was happy with the 3-layer shadow on the background building.  Night, full moon, red and yellow-set Protomachines flashlight, during a 99 second exposure.

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Red Rib H.Q.

Back on the hill at Boron AFS/Federal Prison.  Red and green-set Protomachines flashlight.

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Smells Like Jeff Gordon

Junked 3rd-gen Firebird Trans Am at Eagle Field, 2013.  No idea what it was that decomposed in the front seat, but I’m certain the circa-1994 Jeff Gordon air freshener made it more fragrant.  Nice UAL kids-wings pinned under the TA logo too.  Night, total darkness, warm and cool flashlights.

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