Truck-Cicle 96

Iconic truck-on-a-stick, flies through the stars over a freshly abandoned Yucca, Arizona truck repair shop, on a smokin hot night in July 1996. I believe it’s still standing there, 20 years later.  Page 119 of the 2003 “Lost America” book. Full moon, 160T chrome film, 8 minutes, f5.6.

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Lost America at 111 Minna Gallery

This is the biggest news to come out of the Lost America HQ in . . . forever: I’m in the middle of preparing for my first major US Gallery show, which opens March 4th, 2016, at the bitchen “111 Minna Gallery” in downtown San Francisco. They are giving me the entire main room, which […]

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The Oregon Trail 1841

Nothing like a giant mural in an abandoned building.  Total darkness, lit with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Saguaro Split

One of the murals at the abandoned Rancho Valle Vista.  Total darkness, lit from many directions with red and warm white from the Protomachines Flashlight.

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Rancho Valle Vista

Back to the 21st Century, shot last fall, outside 29 Palms.  Exposed under the full moon for a couple of minutes, with a little warm white key light.

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Dusk in Holbrook 1996

Office Neon Six signs from a sunset, Holbrook, Arizona, October 1996. Fuji chrome 100, all available light only, a little 2016-style Photoshop work. Once it got dark, I hit the road and shot abandoned roadside stuff, further on down the road. Most of these have never been online before.          

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Amber Hills

Abandoned motel and cafe, Harcuvar Arizona, Summer 1999.  8+ minutes on Kodak 160T film, pure full moon . . . and headlight reflections from US60 in the cafe windows.

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The Mina L

1960 Chevy and crane, in Mina, Nevada, on a cold and windy October night, in 2001.  It rained later that night, once those clouds moved in.  Looks like 15-20 minutes on Kodak 160T film.  Red flashlight on the headlights.

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Shack and Fridge

Another abandoned shack, East of 29 Palms.  Shot March 2002.  Page 24 of that ancient “Lost America” book, a fresh scan, it looks more true to the slide here. 8-minutes on Kodak 160T film, magenta and yellow-gelled strobe.

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Cima Storm

Happy ’16 to you. I usually like to start the new year posting a series of old film images. This one’s from June 1993, one of the shacks at Cima, California on a summer monsoon night. The glow on the horizon is from accumulated lightning strikes, miles away. Probably about 8-minutes on Kodak 160T film. […]

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