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The Pigeon

Ratty 1956 Thunderbird, one of the daily-drivers at the Big M, John uses it as an errands car.  He calls it the Pigeon.  It really is a dirty, beat up old bird.

The Pigeon

In deep shade, this short exposure was lit with red LED from this side and from the other side–lime-gelled on the seats and natural LED on the dash.  Made sure to get some light on the rear deck so that it showed up in the mirror too.


This entire scene was in deep shade.  The ground was lit with lime-gelled strobe–down each side and on the ground, behind each front wheel.  I used the same color and popped from each side diagonally to fill the shadows cast from the front tires so the car would seem to float above the ground.

The front of the car was lit with natural LED flashlight, but bounced off the ground outside the frame, giving the beak a soft glow.  The top of the fenders and hood were also flashlit, but just grazed.

This is a DOF composite.  The foreground is one shot and everything from the windshield back is a stack of three 4-minute exposures, making 12 minute star trails.  I threw some LED on the motel sign too.

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