Pearsonville 2010

The Lap of Luxury  :::::  1973 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Gene Winfield Customs

The Thing  :::::  Winfield's flathead-powered Model T, "The Thing." Handbuilt for for racing on the nearby dry lakes.

The Salton Sea

Salton Sea Trailer  :::::  1992  :::::  Salton Sea Beach.

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Morgue Drawers  :::::
The Gate Today Was Three  :::::

Pearsonville 2009

Monte Carlo Moonrise  :::::  1972 Chevy Monte Carlo
Underground Castle  :::::  The partially underground, barracks at Castle AFB, where air crews lived on 2 week shifts.

Byron Hot Springs Resort

The Staircase  :::::  The once luxurious main vestibule has had much of its marble facing stripped off by scrappers and vandals.

Eagle Field- Aircraft

Spirit of the San Joaquin  :::::  Lockheed Harpoon

Crestview Bowl

The Columbia 300

Ghost Towns

Messages From Space :::::  2014  :::::  Rosamond, California

The Valley Junkyard

Spargazer  :::::  Late-'50s Ford

Pearsonville 2008

Floating Headlights  :::::  1963 Chrysler Imperial

Lost Wheels

Coventry Firewall  :::::  2010  :::::  Series 1 Jaguar XKE  :::::  Jaguar Heaven, Stockton, California

Faded Signs

Space Truckin'  :::::  2011  :::::  Fernley, Nevada

Cuyama Car Garden

Harold, Puh-leez!  :::::  1959 Cadillac Hearse
X'd Forecastle  :::::

Big M Auto Salvage

The Pioneering Spirit  :::::  1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer
Air India  :::::  2003  :::::  A first generation 747 in the middle of the recycling process.

The Windy Bull

The Windy Bull Been wanting to do one of these frontal treatments on a first generation junkyard Toronado for a while now. Usually the front pieces are the first parts to go, cuz they’re so year-specific and rare. I like this one, the ’70, the most because of how those quirky inboard quad-headlights make the […]

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Police Call

With all the rain this month I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get out for the full moon. I squeaked out a night at the junkyard between storms and was rewarded with big reflective puddles and fast moving broken clouds. And mud. Lots of mud. A pile of wrecked Fresno cop cars, during several […]

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Stagecraft Important news on the progress on my upcoming book “Boneyard”. The schedule has been moved up: it will be published in July. My manuscript has been approved with virtually no changes—so happy they kept all my goofy alliteration, cryptic references and swear words. I should have a cover image and a preorder date soon. […]

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Ice Eyes

Ice Eyes 1960 Plymouth Fury at Big M at the end of a long night of shooting. 110-seconds of full moon, and splashed with color from the Protomachine flashlight.

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Up On Shadow Mountain

Up On Shadow Mountain Abandoned off 395, in the High Mojave, late on a cold, windy night. Full moon for 3-minutes, with purple and red from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Mintbrook Inside the farm-fresh ’51 Plymouth Cranbrook at Big M last full moon. In total darkness before the moon rose, mint, purple and warm white from the Protomachines flashlight, in 69-seconds.

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Super 88 and the Cotton Trailers

1960 Oldsmobile at Eagle field. Beat up and tired, but pretty complete. Night, 305-seconds of full moon with white, purple, red and blue light bounced around from various directions.

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Cranbrook Ghosts

1951 Plymouth Cranbrook. Another barn find at Big M, John had just trucked it in that day from some farm in the valley. It was a beat up, rusty old bomb, with almost all of its chrome gone. These are the left and right front fenders, just behind the front tire. I like it’s delicious […]

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The Five Steps

The Five Steps Rooting around in folders, oh yeah, I remember this night in 2015, sneaking around at the abandoned Alameda Naval Air Station. Stairwell in one of the barracks. Late at night, total darkness through the fish-eye, lit with Protomachines flashlight.

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Ranger Quintet

Edsel parts, last night at Big M. Total darkness with Protomachine flashlight from 2 directions.

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