E-Book: Released December 2012.  Readable on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

This e-book contains over 60 full sized and zoomable light painted night images, shot in two separate aircraft graveyards, “The Secret Boneyard” and “Aviation Warehouse.”

50 of these images have never been shown before.  These images will remain exclusive to this collection and will not be posted online.  The only place you will see this body of work is in this e-book!

This 82 page e-book also contains essays by Daniel Levis Keltner and I.


Buy and download the PDF version directly from me using Paypal!

“The best gift for the photographer on your list this year is the new ebook “Boneyard” by Troy Paiva. Since most of us will never be able to see or get close to these aircraft, this book is the next best thing. It is full of evocative images of decaying airframes from 2 sites in the Mojave Desert. The images are amazing, and the essays by Troy and Daniel Levis Keltner are worth the price of admission alone. Troy writes both about his evolution as a photographer and aircraft aficionado, as well as the experiences of shooting in the boneyard, while Keltner places the images in a broader perspective. The book is a visual feast with a lot of learning to be done from the images.” –D. Evans