The Dash That Stares Back

Edsel control panel, among the weeds at Big M. Total darkness, blue, green and white flashlight, in 30 seconds.

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Steel Manta

Barnacles on the side of a chrome covered ’58 Buick. No, I didn’t need scuba gear to take this. Wettest winter I’ve seen in my 10+ years of visiting Big M Auto Dismantlers, the cars in the shady spots were all spattered with moss and lichen, even in April. Warm white and green, direct and […]

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The Infernal Goddess

Feeling crappy with allergies or a sinus infection, or some such misery, so I blew off the road trip I had planned for this months full moon. But I did manage to drag my ass out for a night at Big M. I can’t stay away from this place. There’s always a farm-fresh barn find, […]

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Christine on the Shelf

Yeah I know it’s a year off, but the title is too rich to pass up. ’57 Plymouth front clip and other parts in storage at Big M Auto dismantlers. Rising full moon, vapor trails, naturally occurring white light from the house and added purple and green from the Protomachines flashlight, all soaked up in […]

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Moonstruck Speedline

The sculpted fender of an early 70s Monte Carlo at Pearsonville, grazed by moonlight for 1:17, with red, blue and cool white from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Bumpercrop Year

Bumpercrop Year Another serene view of fatback clouds hovering over the long abandoned produce Inspection Station on Route 66 between Newberry and Daggett, last full moon. I don’t think I’ve ever been to this harsh part of the desert when it was so lush and green. A quiet and comfortably cool moment, late at night, […]

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Call Any Vegetable

Call Any Vegetable Another iconic spot on that stretch of bypassed Route 66 near Newberry Springs is the old California Inspection Station. This property was privately owned for many years, but is now wide open. Night, 1:34 of full moon, with a little cool white flashlight from a couple of angles. I really just wanted […]

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Rudi Cox’s Studio

Rudi Cox’s Studio All that’s left of the motel featured in the movie “Bagdad Cafe” is the foundation and this sign. It’s on Old 66 at Newberry Springs. I got hit by a powerful flashlight from that old RV as I was throwing light around during my first exposure. Sorry to bother you, it sure […]

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Boneyard Cover

The Cover of Boneyard

Here’s the cover of my new book, scheduled for release on 7/29/19. I have seen the full PDF and YES!!! I can’t wait for this weirdly colorful baby to be birthed into the world, screaming to be seen. I am very pleased with how easily it came together, how the publisher accepted all my suggestions […]

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KOA-Frame I can’t recall the first time I saw this KOA Kampground on the Lenwood cutoff between Highway 58 and Interstate 15, probably sometime in the early ’80s when I was looking for a shortcut around Barstow. It was still open then, but it’s been closed and derelict for at least 25 years now. Finally […]

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