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The Three Ed’s

The Three Ed's

The Three Ed’s

The Three Ed’s, like they were lined up on the lot outside the showroom!  From my first trip to Pearsonville, March of 2009.  I snuck into this abandoned junkyard, across country in the middle of the night, alone, spending most of the evening slack jawed at all the amazing Detroit Iron to shoot.  I ended up getting to know the Pearson family, eventually gaining permission to hold workshops in the yard.  I ended up spending 29 nights there over the next couple of years, until they crushed 3/4 of the yard for scrap, and the rest was consolidated into a small, fenced yard.  Yeah, these the cars were saved . . . and may still be sitting in the same spot . . .

Why this old thing today?  The other day I gave a friend a large, framed print of this I had laying around for his office.  I visited him this morning and sold his co-worker, a former ’59 Edsel owner, another print of this image, only to come home and find my friend and former student Jody Miller had posted her “3 Ed’s” image on Facebook today.  Wow!   It’s clearly a Three Ed’s Kismet kinda day, so here is a fresh mix down of the original raw file, using 2014-style techniques to save a severely underexposed original file.  Looks way better than the one from ’09.  Full moon, 4 minutes, f/11, iso 100, Canon 20D.

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  1. Paul January 28, 2014 5:48 am #

    Remember that 60’s Imperial Limousine? What its fate?

    • Troy January 28, 2014 1:47 pm #

      Still at Paul’s!

      • Paul January 29, 2014 11:13 am #

        Thank God, can Paul sell that Imperial?

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