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Way Past Being an Emergency Exit

Here’s another one (of many) from my new book Boneyard that has never been put online before. Signed copies will be available for a short time. Or buy one for cheap on amazon. Lots of work in there you haven’t seen, some that may never appear on the web.Way Past Being an Emergency Exit, shot […]

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Signed Copies of Boneyard

Happy to report, 3 weeks after the operation, that my shoulder is slowly healing. They have me moving it passively, but I still can’t move it using the muscle at all. With the physical therapy, it’s sore all the time, but nothing like the pain of the first week. It’s gonna be a long, slow […]

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Boneyard is Released Today!

If you pre-ordered, it should be shipping today. If not, now is the time to pick up your copy at amazon or your other favored booksellers. I have not received my copies yet. Once I do, I will be selling signed copies online via PayPal or Venmo. More on that when it happens. In the […]

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Ty Cobb’s Ghost

The second prop Imperial for the movie Cobb, in that hard to get to corner of Paul’s. This was the last shot before taking a nasty fall onto my shoulder a few days ago (getting better thanks, but it’s still not right in there, MRI tomorrow). Yeah, I landed right on those girders, while setting […]

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Orbital Decay 18

Seeing’s how CNN posted this previously unseen image from the book (yeah I said it was OK), there’s no reason to save it anymore. Yeah, there still are a number of never shown images in the book. Fuselage segment at Aviation Warehouse. 112-seconds, set up so that the full moon would just start to pop […]

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CNN Article About Boneyard

Exciting news! Click on THAT: Now available for pre-order on Amazon too:

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The Kinky Antenna

Low and wide with a 1958 DeSoto at Big M. I shot it mainly for that antenna and yeah, I put the air cleaner there to hold the trunk lid down. Night, warm white, and a tiny bit of bounced red Protomachines flashlight, in 138-seconds, before the moonrise.

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The Imperial Swoop

Up close with a mossy Imperial, in the shade at the Big M. Purple, green and white from the Protomachines flashlight, in 51 seconds.

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Farm on the Freeway

Veranda of an abandoned farm in the Mojave near Newberry Springs. Shot during that one Spring week when the valley turns green. 3:03 of full moon with a little blue from the Protomachines flashlight.

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KC’s Masterpiece

Datsun B-210, rescued from certain death, by KC, another visitor hanging out at Big M Auto Salvage. Quizzical looks all around when I asked him to stay after dark so I could shoot this car, even tho I was surrounded by hundreds of rare 50s and 60s cars to shoot. It’s been a long time […]

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