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Marion Crane’s Getaway Car

1957 Ford, fresh from the swamp behind the old Bates place, now under the trees at Big M Auto salvage. Night, 91 seconds in total darkness with white (straight down) and red (through the car from the far side) Protomachines LED flashlight.

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The Pitted Wings of Empire

The beak of a lacquer black 1955 Chrysler Imperial at Big M. 33-seconds of Protomachines flashlight set to purple, red, and gold and waved all over the place. Most of the light is bounced and reflected, shined everywhere except directly onto the car.

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First look: Night Salvage

Just got this cover image from the publisher. Knowing what I culled down to, this book is gonna be the coolest one yet, with subject matter that everyone seems to love: Cars! Release date is 8/1/20.

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The Three Little Windows

Abandoned miner’s cabin, hours down a Jeep trail, deep in the Mojave. Late at night, in total darkness. Protomachines flashlight throwing lime around the opening, then I squeezed thru without moving the door and skimmed it with red, making sure to catch the frayed jamb too. Next I bounced purple around the room from camera […]

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The Instrument Approach

Fisheyed and tight, in a DC-3 cockpit at Aviation Warehouse. From the archives, never posted before. Total darkness, red in the instruments, white straight down onto the throttle controls. The lighting probably took 20 seconds but I let it burn in for 2:14 to get some ambient moonlit lightness through the windshield.

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Ye Olde Desktop

In the madam’s trailer at an abandoned brothel in Nevada. Neutral white from the top right and purple reflected off the wall behind the camera in 58 seconds of open lens time. Working in total darkness in the middle of the night.

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The Pink Gills

One more electric-pepto image for magenta and jade week, here’s the forward flank of that mid-60s T-bird I posted a few days ago. Hot from top right, cool bounced into the lower body. All done quickly (for me), 35 seconds in deep shade before moonrise.

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Fender Feelers

Hard to find an attractive angle on the 1962 Dodge Dart, at least this one has the big engine. This beaut at Big M has funky home-made corner reflectors for extra added style. It took a minute and a half to throw the pink from above, green from below and reflect a white highlight onto […]

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Jetbird in Sneakers

1965ish Thunderbird by the gate at Big M. Been seeing these cars with big whitewalls lately, must be a thing. Pink and turquoise from the Protomachines flashlight in 1:01 of lens time.

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Left Hand Shifter

Flight deck of the first stand alone Imperial, 1955. On the line at Big M Auto Salvage. Pink straight down, green from the passenger side and warm white reflected inside for ambiance and pop in the chrome. It took 1:59 of open lens time to lay it all down. I think it’s accidentally gonna be […]

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