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Gray Decay

Gray Decay An abandoned bedroom off Route 66, Newberry Springs, California. Night, full moon outside, total darkness in, with cool white, lime and red from the Protomachines flashlight. It all happened in 142 seconds.

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The River of Sand

The River of Sand A night on Arrakis, or is that just the Mojave River dunes, consuming the edge of town? Just 5 minutes from the road and it certainly feels like another planet. 127 seconds under a full moon with heavy clouds and red and white from the Protomachines flashlight. Get in close and […]

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The Dead Town Moon

The Dead Town Moon Snuck in a couple of nights in the Mojave, between storms during this weeks full moon, shooting abandoned places on the fringes of Barstow. Skulking around in half dead towns that don’t quite know they’re ghost towns yet, I only got yelled at and had a flashlight shined at me a […]

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Planet Claire (chrome oxide)

Planet Claire (chrome oxide) The limey yellow variation of the broken B-52 in the Mojave. From the summer of ’14, never shown this one before. 45-minutes of accumulated star trails.

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A Life of Seclusion

A Life of Seclusion The other trailer by the palms, in that big flat place owned by mosquitoes and wasps. Two minutes of full moon at 12:30 AM, with purple from here and green from there.

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Boles Aero

Boles Aero 288-seconds under the full moon with a pretty cherry 1970ish trailer, stashed over by the two palms at the place with all the mosquitoes. Red, purple and green from the Protomachines flashlight too.

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Continental Swampfire

Continental Swampfire A late seventies Mark V at the junkyard, its dull silver paint like a photon sponge. Green and blue bounced/reflected off a puddle out of the bottom of the frame. 90 seconds of full moon too.

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One Hundred and Ninety Six

One Hundred and Ninety Six Olds 98, one of last year’s employee yard cars, now retired and stacked on a gutted Crew Cab, on a cold and wet evening at the junkyard. Night, with accumulated full moon and sodium vapor from nearby industrial complexes for 184 seconds, with a lot of Protomachine flashlight producing many […]

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Pot Metal Rocket

Pot Metal Rocket 1960 Plymouth Fury fin at Big M. All the MOPAR cars from this era are notorious for their failure-prone chrome-plating and you can really see it here. Not just a few pits here and there, every inch of this piece is heavily frosted with barnacles. Makes a nice texture for pictures tho. […]

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Pink Barnacles

Pink Barnacles Pitted 1960 Plymouth trunk-lid chromography, in total darkness on a cold and dewy night, with warm white from above and pink and purple reflected from afar. It took 32 seconds to lay all the light down with the Protomachines flashlight.

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