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Left Hand Shifter

Flight deck of the first stand alone Imperial, 1955. On the line at Big M Auto Salvage. Pink straight down, green from the passenger side and warm white reflected inside for ambiance and pop in the chrome. It took 1:59 of open lens time to lay it all down. I think it’s accidentally gonna be […]

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The Pink Pentagram

Got out to Big M last night for a quick shoot. This malaise era Chrysler New Yorker sure feels out of place among all the fifties cars there. Total darkness, white backlight, pink rim light and green reflected, all in 1:29 of lens time.

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Corsair on a Reef

Edsel week ends at Pearsonville. This was late, the last shot of the night on one of the last trips I made before the final crush. I can’t imagine they’d crush a 1959 Edsel, but hey, they crushed everything else . . . 3-minutes of burned in full moon with skimmed white and reflected purple […]

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The Wrong Car at the Wrong Time

Most people think the front of the 1958 Edsel is the weird part, but the back is pretty out there too. Purple through the windshield, white straight down, green from the corners and purple and red reflected in for ambience and wiggles in the chrome. All done in 2:25, in deep shade under the full […]

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The Turquoise Shield

1958 Edsel Citation flank at Big M. Total darkness, direct white skimmed from above, with green, red, and blue bounced in from various directions, Protomachines flashlight.

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The Rolling Dome

Decrepit space age interior of a 1958 Edsel Citation at Big M. The “Rolling Dome®” speedometer is a spinning ball, similar to a bubble compass, and the pushbutton “Tele-Touch®” transmission is in the center of the steering wheel. Jetpacks to the paperless office and vacations on Mars were just around the corner!  Night, shot in […]

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The Edsel Lunge

It’s Edsel week! John at Big M salvaged a couple of very complete fifty-eights last year and I did a series of set ups with them before and after my accident. Perceived as expensive, excessive and weirdly organic when it was new, it was a total flop and for 50 years the word “Edsel” became a synonym […]

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Junkyard Lights Puzzle now shipping!

The first puzzle made up of my night photography is now available on amazon: Click here to order it! Of all the different ways my photography has been published, this is the most unique and a clear favorite. The idea that people will be so hands on, spending time studying every inch of my imagery […]

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Looking for Satellites

1957 Plymouth remains top the pile at Big M. A minute and two seconds of totally cloudy full moon with red, purple teal and lime from the Protomachines flashlight.

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1960ish MOPAR taxi at Big M. It’s all about those spider webs for me. 62 seconds into the moon with some white led backlight on the sign. Shot last spring, pretty sure this car is gone now, but maybe just the sign is gone.

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