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Rotten Marshmallow

Rotten Marshmallow White ’80s Lincoln stretch-limousine, decaying at the junkyard. Night, total darkness with white flashlight from 2 directions.

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The Alltrans Express

The Alltrans Express Trailer, ductwork and a sapling, in one of those lonely abandoned places, far away and late at night. 201 seconds of full moon outside, with a little plain ‘ol flashlight from camera right.

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High Sierra Arch

High Sierra Arch Abandoned quonset at a derelict mine complex, on the back of the mountains. Night, 296-seconds of full moon and red flashlight.

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54 Door

54 Door Right rear door of a ’54 Packard, mouldering at the junkyard. Funky in there, like it hadn’t been opened in a very long time. 66 seconds of full moon with red, lime and white from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Running on Fumes (purple)

Running on Fumes (purple) Never showed this warm-balanced purple variation to anyone. I dunno, sometimes you just want to sit on them for a while to see if it ages right. Yermo, California, August 2015. 192-seconds of full moon with purple-set Protomachines flashlight.

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Mr. Softee

Mr. Softee One more old film image before I start going back to more recent digital work. This one is from the Pearsonville junkyard in 2008, when I was goofing around with 2 cameras during workshops. I’d just let the film camera run for an hour or so while I did short digital exposures nearby. […]

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The Between Time

Between time The house at the abandoned Kincaid mine, east of Hawthorne, Nevada. My first visit, October 2001. I’ve returned several times over the years for many nights of memorable digital shooting at this cool little scattering of shacks and junk. I rolled by last year, there are people living there now and it’s all […]

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Pea Soup Mine

Trailer on the fringe of stormy Mina Nevada, October 2001. Night, 12-minutes of full moon on Kodak 160T chrome film.

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The Unraveling Screen

The Unraveling Screen I always forget how much people like these old film images. Note to self: scan/reprocess and post more old pictures. This one is from the same road trip as yesterday’s pic, in the summer of ’98. I spent a balmy late evening at the Star View drive in, on the western approach […]

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24 Hours in Coaldale

24 Hours in Coaldale For those of you new to to my photography, I like to post old work around the new year. I don’t think this one’s been online for at least 10 or 15 years? This is the same “hundred miles from anything” Coaldale, NV, gas station/motel complex that I’ve shot many times […]

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