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Catching Up

Hiya! Hope you’re happy and healthy. I’ve been posting on social lately and neglecting this space. Here’s a catch up post with a items you may have missed.

Spacewreck (2016)
B-52 in the Mojave. Blown up to appease the START treaty in 1991 and left for the road runners to find in 2016. Night, full moon for 88-seconds with cool white flashlight from the right and red by reaching into the cockpit from the far side. In my book “Boneyard”, never online before.

Beer (2020)
This “socially distant” full moon I visited a cemetery less than a mile from my home for a little night work. Blasts of ambient light and surrounding apartments made a lot of the site unshootable but I found a few dark spots to skulk around in, even if I had to burn down the backgrounds in photoshop. Cool white and red from the Protomachines flashlight in only 42-seconds.

Fraternal Twins (2019)
They may look the same, but according to those grilles, one’s a Dodge and the other a Plymouth. Both are movie prop cop cars in storage at Paul’s junkyard. 2 minutes of full moon with white, red and purple from the Protomachines flashlight.

Troy at Work (1989)
This recently unearthed photo of me “working” at Galoob Toys in 1989 is in Tim Smith’s new book “Micro but Many” about the history of the Micro Machines toy line. I was a product designer there from ’86 to ’99 and did a ton of work on MMs. That art department was the craziest, filthiest, most hilariously Animal House sorta locker room of a place to work.

Lincoln in Fresno (2019)
58 seconds of junkyard late-night light, with a little added red and white LED.

Sarlaac (2018)
Airliner engine parts at Aviation Warehouse. I want to chuck a Boba Fett doll in there every time I look at it. 1:23 of full moon and Protomachines flashlight: red and lime wash with a white spot, and blue backlight. It’s in that book, Boneyard, but never online before.

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