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The Boron Radome

537-seconds under the full moon.

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Decagon Rails

Unusual 10-sided pre-fab metal workshop building at the top of the peak, next to the radome, decommissioned Boron AFB/Federal Prison.  That’s a mirror farm and Kramer Junction in the middle distance.  Night, 151-seconds, full moon and a little red flashlight.

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The Church on the Peak (Inside)

Idyllic bas relief sculpture and mural inside the boarded-up church on the bluff, at decommissioned/abandoned Boron AFS/Federal Prison.  Out the doorway, the harsh reality of the high desert night, and an endless stream of semis on Highway 58, about seven miles away.  167-second exposure.

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The Church on the Peak (Outside)

High on a peak at abandoned Boron AFS, the church commands sweeping views of the high desert.  Night, 82-second exposure, purple and red Protomachine flashlight.

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Boron On

The town of Boron glimmers 7 miles away, tonight’s late-show.  From the peak at the now abandoned Boron AFS.  Night, 209-seconds and a little red flashlight.

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FAA Tracking

Looking north-east, away from civilization, out of the 10-sided steel workshop building. From the top of the peak, at Boron AFS/Prison. The FAA radome is just out the door to the left. Red and blue interior lighting from the Protomachines flashlight, full moon outside, during a 381-second exposure.

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So yeah, where was I?  Oh yeah, Zombieland (actually, one of the blocked perimeter roads at decommissioned Boron AFS/Prison).  Night, 172-second exposure.  Full moon, snooted red flashlight.

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Here’s an ancient film image, from 1990, for all the new people that think I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years.  That’s a 1961 Chrysler, mysteriously placed on top of a concrete foundation, at the mining ghost town of Mulligan, somewhere way down a dirt road in the Southern California desert.  This was the […]

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Marshall Crenshaw Albums

Rocker Marshall Crenshaw is one on my oldest patrons.  I think he was the first famous person to buy one of my prints, about 15 years ago.  For the last couple of years he’s been slowly releasing a series of vinyl collectors EPs  . . . with my photography on the covers!  Very exciting.  Here […]

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Always Have a Smile for the Neighbors

One more of the abandoned residential neighborhood at now decommissioned Boron AFS and prison.  That’s the mirror farm at Lockhart on the horizon, about 12 miles away.  I created a nice effect with the overlapping shadow lighting, but the accidental smileyface in the fence is my favorite part.

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