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Grazing Impala

Stripped ’64 Impala, on blocks in the back 40, under the full moon for 205 seconds.  Pretty lush for a drought year.  Yellow, blue and red, skimmed and grazed with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Disco Coat Check

The entry foyer at The Homeport Club, Alameda NAS.  The closed nightclub on the decommissioned base.  Total darkness in here, lit with 4 colors from at least 8 directions.

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Solarium Heat

Time for a hot one, fresh out of the camera.  The barracks at decommissioned and abandoned Alameda NAS, just a few days ago.  Thanks for letting me borrow your spare FF camera Riki! There really ARE a lot more pixels in there.  And for the use of the swanky Protomachines flashlight George!  It’s good to have […]

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Uncertain Futura

First generation Falcon. Protomachine flashlight. I had a cherry one of these when I was a teenager. Rolled it into a ditch on a dirt road within the first month I had it.

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Hooves in the Attic

When I went inside the house to add the lighting, I saw that the kitchen floor was covered with skeletons.  Birds, mice, squirrels and other small mammals, drifts of them, too many to count.  Then I heard scuffling sounds above my head, an obviously large, predatory bird was up there thrashing around, pissed at me […]

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You Have Always Been Here, And You Will Always Be Here

Night, full moon.  No stack, a natural 15 minute exposure.  It was cold, so no noise. No lights, just sittin’ back, watchin’ it happen.

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Lemon Malaise

About 2/3s of a mid ’70s Pontiac Le Mans, on the junkyard back 40.

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Skull Valley

The remains of Teddy Bear’s Truckstop, in Skull Valley, Utah. The Big Nowhere, between the Salt Flats and SLC.  Shot in May 2002.  It was torn down a few years later.  Really happy to find this stray night shot of the place, mixed in with a box of daylight shots of it. I don’t even […]

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