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Snoopy’s Fuzzy Nose

I’ve had one eyeball on three derelict Cold War aircraft (this B-58 and 2 B-52s) on the fringes of Edwards AFB for about 10 years. Last year one of my past students, Noel Kerns, slipped in under the radar there to night shoot them. Since then a number of other night shooters (Stephen Freskos, Amy Heiden, Calvin Caneda, […]

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Old Flounder

In the abandoned musical farmhouse.  Plain old flashlight from 2 directions, in totally mold-covered darkness.

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Hi-Fi Living with Ray Conniff

Console stereo in the abandoned farmhouse with the face on the window and the Piano in the hallway.  Piles of moldy records too, it was a musical house.  Total darkness, Protomachines flashlight.

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A Spot in the Workshop

I’ll cut right to the chase.  Normally my workshops are full and hard to get into, but, due to someone’s inability to commit, there’s one open spot in next month’s 3-nighter at the Valley Junkyard. All the info is listed here.  And I’m very easy to reach if you have any questions.  Life is short, come on the insane adventure […]

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A Crack In The World

Two halves of a double-wide bathroom, abandoned outside Mojave, California.  I loved the illusory depth and enhanced perspective the mirrors gave, combined with that sliver of infinity and the jumbled horizontal planes.  There’s a lot of surreal things going on here with perspective and perception.  Even in daylight it was a big fat “what the hell am I actually […]

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Blacklight Doublewide

A mile down a dirt road outside Mojave Califorina, we stumbled upon a cluster of derelict double- and triple-wide trailers. They once held deluxe offices, full bathrooms (with showers) and kitchens, now they’re garbage, weathered and sandblasted, punished by the high desert. It made for a surreal juxtaposition, these big vistas, combined with these blank, mundane rooms. A fun night […]

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The Golden Harp

Wavy keys inside the abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.  It smelled real bad in here, like decaying flesh. There must have been some dead critter rotting under the pile of moldy clothes and household items that covered most of the floor. Easily one of the filthiest, nastiest interiors I’ve ever worked. And brutally hot […]

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An Uninvited Guest

The abandoned farmhouse was pretty trashed and nasty inside, and there was a little tagging, like this giant mug on the living room window. But all of it looked old, as if it was abandoned 20 years ago, found by local kids 19 years ago, and then no one’s been in there since. Remarkable. I usually try to avoid […]

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Number 92

Oh boy, an abandoned farm, in the middle of nowhere, that can only be reached by a 2 mile hike over hill and dale?  I can’t wait until it gets dark!  Thanks to B&C for the coordinates.

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Bad Eyed and Loveless

Try to picture this ’62 Caddy convertible in it’s previous life: inside a Las Vegas casino, perched on it’s nose (on that pipe), with it’s gutted interior replaced by a big flatscreen TV.  Now it’s at Paul’s junkyard awaiting a questionable fate . . .  Paul said taking this car down, without denting it or tearing the […]

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