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The Red Switches

Smashed sliding glass door and switches sprayed rattle-can red, at a derelict Wonder Valley house. About 90 seconds under the cloudy full moon with red, white and purple light.  DOF composite, fisheye.

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The Erebus Adventure


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Homestead Bender

Wonder Valley, the land of abandoned shacks. Night, 88-seconds, full moon, Protomachines flashlight.

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The Corner of Taco and Mojave

A foot away from yesterday’s shack, bathed in lurid LED, purple lime and red. 125-seconds under full moon with the fisheye. Had to clone out some lens flare and a stray tripod leg and that’s about it.

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Wonder Bubble

The Mojave reclaims another homesteader shack, east of 29 Palms, California. 123-seconds at night under the October 2015 full moon. Red and purple light from the Protomachines flashlight. Fisheye.

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The Dauphine of Triskelion

Disappearing into the sand in a rarely seen corner of Aviation Warehouse. 104-seconds, full moon, red and snooted warm white flashlight. February 2015.

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Pink Ribs and the Double Helix

Melted blinds in the dining room of a homesteader shack, abandoned on the frying pan desert outside 29 Palms, California. Night, 173-second exposure, full moon, red and blue light.

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The Hallway Channel

Evidence of squatters/scrappers in the decommissioned barracks at Alameda Naval Air Station. June 2015. A different section of this complex burned under (not so) mysterious circumstances a few months later.  Total darkness, lit with Protomachines flashlight.

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The Memorial Bed

107-seconds in a Wonder Valley homesteader shack, near 29 Palms, CA. Shot 10/24/15, just before midnight.

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Big Hand’s on 120, Little Hand’s on E

Late at night, on the East side of Yermo, California, August 2015.

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