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Spider Opera

Fisheyed in the back seat on a cobwebby 80’s junkyard Lincoln Town Car.  Like the inside of a vampires’ coffin. Night, lit with a flashlight.

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Giant Joshua

I dug up this old favorite this morning, looking for a traditional, available light night shot, to commemorate the Steve Harper retrospective at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco, hanging this month.  Everyone that loves what I do should know Steve’s work.  This was shot during the September 2006 full moon, shortly after switching to digital, along Highway […]

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Sue’s Motel

Closed but owned and occupied.  Mina Nevada.  34-seconds, quick enough to not let the ambient sodium vapor streetlights overwhelm it, yet light it with a flashlight.

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95 Miles


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An American in the Desert

Another late night in the middle of nowhere with an abandoned trailer, this one a long long American.  Night, 3-minutes, full moon, red, purple and lime light.

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Glass Lined Energy Saver

Monkey Ward water heater in the tub of a ransacked house in rural Nevada. Night, red, lime, blue and white flashlight, with the full moon too.

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Camp Vertebrate

Spine, at the site of a collapsed ranch house in remote spot in Nevada. Pretty sure it’s a cow. Maybe a horse, we saw a herd of wild horses in this valley, but never any cows. The 2 DSLR shots are focus-stacks, one at ∞, the other focused on the bones and blended. The other is a spontaneous iPhone […]

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Buck Fifty-Six

Mina, Nevada, night, full moon, sodium vapor, cool white flashlight and passing traffic.

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Fish Tank Ruins

I half expected to see a 3 foot goldfish come swimming through that hole. This was done very late, after 3 long days and nights of driving and shooting, so I’m not too surprised to think I’d start seeing things. This is on what was once a SoCal high desert movie studio lot that’s now […]

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Here’s a new painting for you.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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