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Don’t Make Her Mad

Goldie the ’57 Plymouth, guarding the gate at Big M Auto Dismantlers last winter. Full moon-top right, snooted cool white-camera left and right, red-snooted into the headlights.  963 second base image, 120 second lighting image, sandwiched in Photoshop.

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24 Hour Tire Service

Intense sodium vapor streetlights here, so I kept it short (35-seconds: short for me) and overpowered them with a cool-white-set Protomachines flashlight. That’s the full moon masked by the light fixture.

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The Edge of Empty

Available light only: full moon, sodium vapor and LED streetlights. 4-minutes.

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Spider of Destiny

Crawling with big ones. Dig the ovoid steering wheel, so futuristic. Fisheye, full moon, lime, red and cool white light. 114 seconds in the dark.

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Gold Crown


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Riding in the back seat of a Mid-’60s junkyard Imperial. Lit with Protomachines flashlight in total darkness. 109-seconds.  

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Effie and the Golden Hills

I hiked out to this familiar abandoned California farm last full moon. Last time I was here I did mostly interiors in the rotting and moldy house on the property, so I was happy to stay out in the fresh summer air this time. CALTRANS was doing night roadwork on the freeway in the distance. […]

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Speaking Engagement!

I’m gonna be a featured speaker at the “Western NC Foto Fest” in Asheville, North Carolina on September 11 and 12 (friday and saturday). Friday’s talk will be a mutant travelogue of derelict ocean liners, aviation boneyards, abandoned mental hospitals, and many of the other strange things I’ve been shooting since 1889. I’ll talk about […]

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And That’s the Way It Was

July 1990, night shooting in the bunker complex at Fort Cronkite in the Marin Headlands. Yeah, I stood there for 8 minutes while my brother operated the cameras (this is on Kodak 160T chrome film). No way I’m gonna remember the specifics after 25 years, but I’m sure Tom and I both did some red-gelled […]

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