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Melting into the grass at my favorite junkyard, ’round midnight.  Green and cool white light from the Protomachine flashlight.

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Four Engined Nightmare

Boeing 747, flight engineer’s console.  Aviation Warehouse, winter 2014. Night, total darkness, Protomachines flashlight.

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Aviation Warehouse, winter, 2014.

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The Burlingame Drive In

Back in September 2001, less than a week before 9/11, I snuck into the Burlingame Drive in one last time . . . to take pictures, not see a movie. This was my hometown drive in. I saw movies here that changed my life: Mad Max, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Sleeper, Soylent Green, Harold & […]

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First in the Phone Book

Nicely overgrown at the junkyard this spring.  Really thorny in there.

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Dead Notes at the Bottom End

Shot in total darkness, inside an abandoned California farmhouse. Lit with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Angels on Horseback

Abandoned trailer, out on the Delta.  Overlapping green and purple Protomachine light, skimmed from three angles.  There was considerable heavy lifting in Photoshop to pull this thing together.

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Haunted Spires

The towers of a ghost city on a distant planet . . . or a forest of steering columns at a junkyard in Fresno. What do you mean it can’t be both?  Red and green from the Protomachines flashlight during a 114-second exposure.

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Watermelon in Easter Hay

Found a few miles down a dirt road near Kramer Junction, California, September 2000. About 8 minutes on Kodak 160T film, probably outdated. Full moon from the left, blue-gelled strobe from the right and a couple of red pops inside.

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Between Heaven and Hell

61 seconds, a helicopter flyby, and a few ’62 Cadillac parts.  

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