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Rows To The Horizon

Some kind of carved-up mid-’60s GM wagon, with mixed red, blue and green light.

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The Wide-Track Sag

Full moon, truck-stop sodium vapor lamps, yellow, red, blue and white light from the Protomachine flashlight, from a ridiculous number of angles.  It took about 12 tries to get it right, and I still ended up compositing for DOF and stacking light.

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Effie Gets The Hook

She brims with the fullness of time, from the back row of some forgotten junkyard.  Happy New Year.

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Caribbean Skies

Mid-50s junkyard Packards, lit by the glowing urban horizon, full moon . . . and (red/blue-set) Protomachine flashlight. 93-second exposure.

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Pa Binks

Yes, it looks like that obnoxious Star Wars character.  Sorry about that.  It’s just what happens she you get a little too close to a ’58 Packard Clipper with a fisheye lens.  Night, 40-seconds, snooted Protomachine flashlight, set to ultramarine and warm white.

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Coupe de Cay


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Imperial Acres

One employee says there’s more than 200 Chrysler Imperials in this corner of the junkyard. While I’m certain that’s an exaggeration, I counted over 100 (Early 1950s to 1970-ish) before I gave up. This moss-covered ’64 Le Baron still has the keys hanging out of the trunk AND the coolest gas door ever! Red and […]

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The Buck Baker Bends

Oh boy, a new fisheye lens!  This should make my weird pictures even weirder.  And pose lots of new challenges, like getting lights, tripod legs and shadows in the shot. A junkyard ’56 Chrysler, full moon, Protomachine flashlight. 80-second exposure.

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Crying Your Eyes Out

Poor ugly Plymouth, don’t be too sad, at least you have nice dimples (between the U and the T).  It only took 28 seconds to light this with a Protomachine flashlight, but it also took a lot of tries to get it right.

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Cruisin’ the El, In Heaven

A new addition at Paul’s Junkyard last October, this halved ’77 El Camino, with its burnt-out interior, has already disappeared into the gaping maw of the recycling machines in The Pit.  426-seconds, early in the evening, in the total darkness before the moonrise.  Neutral-white-set Protomachine flashlight from 2 directions.

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