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Dream Car Nightmare  :::::  1961 Plymouth

Dream Car Nightmare

In the total darkness under the eucalyptus grove in the back of The Big M sits this brutally parted-out and weathered, but totally futuristic, 1961 Plymouth.  I set the camera in the hoodless and empty engine compartment and lit from camera right with an LED flashlight for a few seconds.  I was careful to place […]

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Meat Ceiling Farina  :::::  1954 Rambler Cross Country

Meat Ceiling Farina

Moldy Rambler station wagon (body by Pininfarina!) at The Big M yard in Williams CA.  Shot in January 2012. Green-gelled LED flashlight from both sides, taking advantage of the scene’s natural greens. Red LED flashlight on the ceiling from the far side of the car. I loved how the rotting headliner was hanging in tatters, […]

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The World is Yours  :::::  1954 Oldsmobile 98  :::::  December 2011

The World is Yours

Lit with a AA Maglite from both sides.  There’s a little LED on that palm frond too.  The Big M, Williams, California.

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The Creeping Mold  :::::  1954 Buick Special

The Creeping Mold

Blue and lime-gelled LED flashlight.  142 second exposure, full moon. You would not believe what it smelled like inside this thing.

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Red-Eyed Grouper  :::::  1954 Buick Special  :::::  January 2012

The Red Eyed Grouper

1954 Buick Special, another amazing mold-covered barn-find that turned up at Big M Auto Dismantlers this winter.  I have no idea how he still manages to find these gems. Natural, blue and green-gelled LED flashlight.  Snooted red LED in the headlights.  Red-gelled strobe in the interior. Base exposure for the overall scene: 365 seconds at […]

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Rose Petals and Rocket Ships  :::::  1959 Pontiac Safari Wagon  :::::  January 2012

Rose Petals and Rocketships

Not actually rose petals, more like dead dry leaves.  Looking down onto the cracked and peeling V-shaped tail fin of a ’59 Pontiac at Big M Auto Dismantlers. DOF composite, one shot focused on the fin in natural full moon-light, the other focused on the leaves, lit with red LED flashlight.

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The Unblinking Eye  :::::  1957 Oldsmobile Super 88  :::::  The Big M, January 2012

The Unblinking Eye

1957 Oldsmobile Super 88, in total darkness at Big M Auto Dismantlers.  This was mostly lit with a AA Maglite–from 3 directions, it’s warm yellow-toned light enhancing the tones of the rust and dead leaves.  I used a tiny bit of purple-gelled LED from the rear on the bumper and between the cars.  86-second exposure. […]

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Beyond Firedome  :::::  1959 DeSoto

Beyond Firedome

Another classic DeSoto at Big M, this ’59 was in total darkness and lit with purple-gelled strobe and snooted lime-gelled LED on the headlights and grille.  I also used red LED from far enough away that there’s minimal light cast, but the reflection of the bulb appears in the chrome. By moving the light back and […]

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DeNeoplasm  :::::  1946 DeSoto

1946 DeSoto

Barnfind 1946 DeSoto–huge car–rotting and covered with lichen and moss, at the Big M.  Lit with an LED flashlight, sometimes covered by red, lime and purple gels. No idea what the bunny on the door represents . . . but I love it. Lit with AA Maglite, 439 second exposure.  

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My, What a Big M You Have  :::::  1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

My, What A Big M You Have

You’re looking at the partially opened trunk of a 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser.  That unusual opening rear window was called a “Breezeway” and was a signature design feature on these jet-age Mercs.  One of the denizens of the Big M salvage yard in Williams, California, shot December 2011. Purple and pink-gelled strobes inside the car, […]

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