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Not Dead Yet  :::::  1965 Cadillac Ambulance

Not Dead Yet

Thanks to workshop students Tom Bennett for the idea and Susan Nolan as the hand model.  Not many people would let themselves be sealed up in a musty old junkyard ambulance in the middle of the night, but Susan aced it.  I wonder if she’s come down with Hanta virus yet? She lit each hand […]

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Mother, Jugs and Speed  :::::  1970 Cadillac Ambulance  :::::  October 2011

Mother, Jugs and Speed

1970 Cadilac ambulance at Paul’s.  Unbelievably tight space, I had to word real hard to keep the edges of the frame clean.  Lit with red-gelled strobe, outside from four different spots, and just a little LED flashlight. Mother Jugs and Speed are Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch and Harvey Keitel, nicely dated and still pretty funny.

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