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The World is Yours  :::::  1954 Oldsmobile 98  :::::  December 2011

The World is Yours

Lit with a AA Maglite from both sides.  There’s a little LED on that palm frond too.  The Big M, Williams, California.

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The Unblinking Eye  :::::  1957 Oldsmobile Super 88  :::::  The Big M, January 2012

The Unblinking Eye

1957 Oldsmobile Super 88, in total darkness at Big M Auto Dismantlers.  This was mostly lit with a AA Maglite–from 3 directions, it’s warm yellow-toned light enhancing the tones of the rust and dead leaves.  I used a tiny bit of purple-gelled LED from the rear on the bumper and between the cars.  86-second exposure. […]

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The Last Rocket ::::: Late-'90s Olds Aurora

Olds Aurora

A 67-second exposure, basically just long enough to add snooted LED flashlight from a shallow angle on the light and logo assembly and some purple-gelled LED on the bumper and wet and dirty rear window.  Yeah, this was late, wet and chilly enough that dew point had been reached, giving all the surfaces a nice […]

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