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Post-Lux Unicorn

1950s Electrolux vacuum, on an abandoned farm in the Big Valley. No idea what to make of that horn made of spider web, it was like that when I got here. Camera placed on the floor in total darkness.  With with the Protomachines flashlight.

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Your New Deuce and a Quarter

8-track tapes on the stove in an abandoned San Joaquin Valley farmhouse.  A few favorites, cherry picked from a box of cheesy EZ listening tapes and staged, titles include Flip Wilson’s “The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress”, a couple of K-Tell AM hits albums from about 1970, and two really unusual demo tapes for […]

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Mr. Sprinkle’s Webby Eye

Bet that’s worse than sleep dirt.  In the Kitchen of an abandoned farmhouse.  White LED flashlight in total darkness.

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Her Haunted Patio

Another fantastic abandoned farm, loaded with quiet mystery, out in the Big Valley.

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Engage Wasp Drive

The plywood and fiberglas cockpit of yesterday’s Junior Cyclops at Eagle Field. Wanted to highlight the wasp nest above the windshield–they were all over the place. In fact, I got the first wasp sting of my life at Eagle Field. Not a fan. Blue, lime and red from the Protomachines light during a 273-second exposure.

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Junior Cyclops

I’ve shown this to several hardcore vehicle experts I know, and none of them can tell me what it is. Yeah, they unanimously said “It looks like Stan Mott’s Cyclops.”  It has a mid-engine, the steering wheel from a motor boat, and a home-made plywood flatbed . . . and check out that weird caster layout of […]

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The Edwards Triplets

With the recent demise of the North Edwards gas station, I wanted to post this October 1997 film image that I dug up last month . . . with pumps still on the islands!  Pretty sure this is the oldest night shot of this place now on the web, though there might still be older ones lurking […]

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Edwards Collapse

The back wall of the North Edwards gas station peeled away, the whole building going trapezoidal in the endless Mojave wind.  Bulldozed in the summer of 2014.  Night 125-second exposure.  Lit by full moon and Protomachines flashlight.

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North Edwards Requiem

While I was down in the Mojave holding a secret alumni workshop this weekend, I learned that the long abandoned gas station at the North Edwards exit, on highway 58 is gone.  When I stopped here to do a couple of set ups, in the middle of the night, last June, the back wall was partially collapsed, and […]

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The Snoopy One

Droopy-snoot Snoopy’s nose art.  2 minute exposure, full moon, Protomachine flashlight.

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