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The Mudskipper

Super-rare ’58 Packard Clipper, stashed at the Valley Junkyard.  There is still room for next weekend’s workshop in this amazing location loaded with thousands of interesting cars, trucks, RVs and busses to shoot.  Read all about it here.  124-second exposure, under the full moon, with snooted warm light into the headlights.

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Chambers Chevron

I think this was probably my favorite of the November ’96 film work I did at Chambers Arizona.  Find this one on page 71 of my long OOP 2003 book “Lost America.” Still lots of fall off in the corners and overall smooshyness, but at least I did a perspective correction on it this time. […]

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The Chambers of your Heart

Followers of my postings may have noticed I’ve been starting to mix in some of my skronky old film work lately. Yes, I’ve finally starting rooting through the piles of slide boxes in the garage and broken out the scanner again, and you won’t believe some of the stuff I’ve been digging up.  I’ve been […]

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Points of the Mojave

I don’t know which one I like more, so here’s both.  Portable rooms, forgotten in the high desert.  Down some dirt road, late at night.  116 seconds/134 seconds, lit by the full moon and Protomachine flashlight. Perspective distortion corrected in Photoshop.

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Beware X

Yucca, Arizona. July, 1996. Kodak 160T chrome film. Night, about 8 minutes. Red and green-gelled strobe. Fresh scan. There’s still time to get on the bus. Only one spot left for next full moon’s junkyard night photography workshop.  

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Chicken Legs Dropped His Engine

Snoopy, the junk B-58, lost in the high desert.  Night, 162-second exposure.  Purple, red and green light from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Ghost of the J79

Fisheyed abstract machine-porn, deep inside the derelict B-58’s broken wing-pod, in the hole where the GE J79 jet engine used to live. Night, 95-second exposure. Full moon, with red and purple-set Protomachines flashlight.

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Roger Ramjet

The mach-2 capable Hustler’s super-sleek underbelly.  No doubt Snoopy’s the rattiest B-58 in the world, but of the 8 left, he’s the one in the most picturesque location. Purple and red set Protomachines flashlight.  100 second exposure, under full moon.

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Fail Safe

Fisheye Convair B-58 Hustler, lost in the high desert.  Night, full moon, purple and red Protomachines flashlight.  About 15minutes total exposure.

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Snoopy’s Fuzzy Nose

I’ve had one eyeball on three derelict Cold War aircraft (this B-58 and 2 B-52s) on the fringes of Edwards AFB for about 10 years. Last year one of my past students, Noel Kerns, slipped in under the radar there to night shoot them. Since then a number of other night shooters (Stephen Freskos, Amy Heiden, Calvin Caneda, […]

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