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Blue Flock

1970s hot rod ’57 Chevy, still in the hanger at the junkyard.  It hasn’t moved in so long the dirt on the hood has taken on this weird wooly quality.  Total darkness, red and white light pointed at the car from many directions and indirect blue, bounced off the building’s roof for ambient glow, mostly […]

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The Manhattan Skyline

  The ’55 Kaiser’s fins. I’ve never seen them topped with taillights like this before. Sure is cool, but too fragile for the real world. They were all cracked and broken. Lots of hand-applied light, from lots of directions.

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A Dash of Krell

Amazingly futuristic and gorpy 1955 Kaiser Manhattan barn find at the junkyard.  Night, red white and purple flashlight mixed with distant industrial lights, in 65-seconds.

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Homestead Hell

Dead spot along the perimeter of the world, the high desert, north of Los Angeles. Night, 3-minutes, lime and blue blend outside, red inside, from the Protomachines flashlight.

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Top of the Podium

The prow of a junkyard 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix, at night in the dark, lit with red and white flashlight in 12 seconds.

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City of LA

Cabover garbage truck, itself now garbage, body tilted forward, with the roof cut off and no driver’s seat.  Lit with flashlight in deep shade at night.

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Caduceus and Firehoses

Fresh movie-prop ambulance at Paul’s junkyard, shot last week. The rumor among the old workshop gang that Paul had bought and broken a salvage B-52 from nearby Edwards AFB is, unfortunately, untrue. Protomachines flashlight in total darkness.

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Haunting on Shadow Mountain

Abandoned ranch in California’s Antelope Valley. Lime, red and blue light under 2-minutes of full moon.

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Crowned Jet

Junkyard 1961 Imperial trunk ornament/lift-handle.  So space age!  Three colors from the turned-way-down Protomachines flashlight, in deep shade at night.  It took a lot of experiments to get the lighting this balanced.

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Swollen Nose

Junkyard 1970 Cougar XR7.  In case you’re wondering why this car doesn’t look quite right, the hood is not attached and slid forward about a foot.  I positioned the camera so that it lined up with the bumper and fender-tops to hide the illusion and exaggerate the fisheye effect even more.  Purple, blue, green and […]

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