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Fish Tank Ruins

I half expected to see a 3 foot goldfish come swimming through that hole. This was done very late, after 3 long days and nights of driving and shooting, so I’m not too surprised to think I’d start seeing things. This is on what was once a SoCal high desert movie studio lot that’s now […]

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Here’s a new painting for you.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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International Embers

Postwar International truck cab, down some long dirt road in Nevada, overlooking a normally dry lakebed, flooded this cold and wet November. Red, white and yellow flashlight, with full moon, for 81-seconds.

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Camping With the Ancients

In a weird forgotten valley in Central Nevada, last weekend. Full moon, lime and red light.  Thanks for drivin’ Riki.

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’68 Ford, one of the cars left behind at the Pearsonville junkyard.  Seven hits of warm white light, while the full moon was behind the clouds.  And I kept the exposure to only 75-seconds, to keep the unlit parts of the frame extra dark and sinister.

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The Skinny on the Mini

Nice to visit old friends and find the lights off.  Pearsonville, California.  Partially occluded full moon with red, blue and purple flashlight.

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The Winnebago Trickster

Belly high with the fisheye, out in the Mojave someplace.  Warm white glow on the metal parts and snooted stronger on the lights.  Red behind the grille, and 2 shades of green backlit on the creosote.  And the full moon.  180-seconds.

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Oregon ’77

1960ish Desoto, parked for almost 40 years, night, deep shade, lit from 2 directions.

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Blue Thistles

Left in the weeds, over the mountain from all the lights, where the fog breaks.  White and blue flashlight.  Extra bonus points if you can name the make and model.

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Advertising Insulation

Remote Mojave Desert mountain top miner’s cabin with it’s interior walls insulated with cardboard, packaging and newspapers . . . dating back to the 1920s.  Vandalized, but still a truly remarkable site.  All lit by flashlight at night, in a totally dark room.          

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