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Jet Trim Styling

Early 1960s Spartan Royal Manor trailer, left in a shady spot near the flight line, at the abandoned NASA Crows Landing airfield.  Now gone, fate unknown.  211-seconds, dappled full moon light, red and blue-set Protomachine flashlight.  Unpleasant in there.

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Air Conditioned Comfort

Oh sure, I’ll climb in and out of this thing 14 more times to get that red light right.  NASA Launch Control Trailer, Crow’s Landing Airfield, California.  Night, 149-seconds, full moon, protomachine flashlight.

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Praying to the Aliens

NASA radar dish, on one of the derelict Launch Control trailers, stored at the abandoned Crows Landing airfield. Once I saw how the star trails were curving around this crusty ear, I set out to make a stackable series of long exposures. That’s 34:23 of star trails. Straight full moon light. After a lot of […]

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Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly Away

Radar dish on one of the portable NASA launch control trailers, forgotten at the decommissioned and abandoned Crows Landing airfield.  Now gone, scrapped, along with almost everything else on the base. Red-set Protomachine flashlight, with a couple of spots of snooted lime, to intensify this machine’s natural anthropomorphic qualities.  53-second exposure: short, to keep the […]

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Luminous Tracking

Inside one of the NASA Launch Control Trailers from yesterday’s post.  Inevitably, they were heavily vandalized and parted out, but there were a few interesting scraps still in there, like this control panel, with its glow-in-the-dark graphics.  Before opening the lens, I saturated it with a very powerful light, which activated the phosphor. Then I […]

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Expensive Junk

Try to imagine what NASA paid to build these portable launch control and radar tracking trailers back in the 1960s.  Now they’re sitting abandoned at the closed Crows Landing NASA Airfield.  The insides of these were packed with mostly vandalized, transistor and tube-based analog electronics.  And spiders.  Lots of spiders. It took all of the […]

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Riki’s Transdimensional Door

Thanks for the idea Riki!  Shot on the outskirts of Coaldale, a ghost town in west-central Nevada, about 2AM.

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Back In Bendover Again

Love letter and photo, found in Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar, an abandoned Tonopah, Nevada whorehouse.  ”Bendover” is local slang for the town of Wendover (300 miles down the road from here). Lit with flashlight in total darkness.

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Happy Valentween

The master bath in the Madame’s suite, at an abandoned whore house called Bobbies Buckeye Bar, in Tonopah, Nevada.  Shot  on a hot afternoon in the summer of 2013.  Lit with a protomachine light in total darkness.

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Kind of an unusual cold-war quonset hut design, near the flight-line at Crows Landing field. The ribs run in the opposite direction from normal and the whole thing seems to have a hardened shell. Probably considered blast-proof . . . but not bulldozer-proof: it was torn down in April 2013.

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