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Dayton Mill Garages

The Dayton Mill property has about ten, 75-year-old, tin buildings.  They’re mostly empty, but some hold a few incongruous odds and ends.  If anyone is looking for a double oven, I’m sure you can get a good deal . . .

Over and Under

The heavy clouds this night meant working in near total darkness.  The face of the oven was lit with a LED flashlight from high, right.  The red was done by crouching on either side of the oven, holding the red LED flashlight behind it and shining it out the other side.  Look out for spiders back there!   I added a little lime-gelled LED flashlight around the room and natural light on the outside structure for a little ambiance, just enough to let your eye understand that there was something there, but keeping it dark enough to keep the oven as the center of attention.

Workin' Late in the Garage

Balancing the light here, inside and out, was complex, especially since the moon spent most of the exposure behind the clouds.  I ended up  with several exposures, with a variety of light intensities (done with lime-gelled LED flashlight) and I mixed the lit interior down in post-production to get the tonality and balance where I wanted it.

The Boiler Room

I overlapped the purple and lime-gelled LED flashlight from opposite sides, so that the light caught each side of the corrugated metal, creating this striped effect.  I lit the far building (the garage in the previous image) with a red-gelled strobe.  The exterior is a little darker than I normally like, but the clouds prevented much moonlight from filtering through.

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