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1951 Studebaker Champion

Here’s the rest of that Studebaker I posted that detail from yesterday.  These should give those nose parts some context.

Steel Pustule

Similar to yesterday’s posting, but a little more obvious, with the nose and grille in there. Same type of thing, a short exposure (30 seconds) that let me get the lighting done before the moon had a chance to burn in.  Turquoise and purple-gelled LED, red LED.  It’s all in the angles here.

Bullet Nose

The back of this car is kinda beat up, but overall, it’s really complete.  Another barn-find, transitioning its way to a new life, through The Big M.  Turquiose-gelled LED bounced off the ground to gently fill the shadows, snooted LED in the headlights and red LED in the interior.


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