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The Purple Pumpkin

Kincaid, Nevada.  What caught my eye here was the rounded shapes piled on top of rounded shapes, as well as the light-colored metal in shade, just begging for light painting.  The separate planes of the open doors gave me the opportunity to layer my lighting, giving this remote desert scene the perception of even more depth than it already had.  Note how the window frame on the driver’s door, and the object inside that, overlap the horizon.  I was careful to include that bit of visual tension to the composition.

This was lit with a purple-gelled LED flashlight from outside the frame on both sides.  It took a few tries to get the coverage how I wanted it.  The red was added with an LED flashlight rotated in place where the rear view mirror would be, using the truck’s roof to screen it from the camera.  This is a stack of three 4-minute exposures, giving me 12-minute star trails.

The Purple Pumpkin

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