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The Lost America site Relaunch!

Hey looky here! I’ve completely redone the site using WordPress.

This blog is now seamlessly integrated into the new site . . . which is loaded with larger images, and more of them–many of which you’ve never seen before.  Every word has been rethought and rewritten, including excerpts from both my books.  Note also the new limited edition line of prints.

And it’s all put together without Flash . . . which means all you Android and iStuff users can now view the site. Yeah, it has been a long time coming, thanks for your patience.

It is a colossal change that has taken me several weeks–to grasp the WP methodology and build the thing in a way that made me happy. Hats off to my friend Hunter Luisi for all the WP code help.

Expect a jump in activity and I expect to add another half dozen (or more) permanent galleries to the site over the coming weeks.

Hope you like it!

Look at that groovy screenshot!


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