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Satori in Taurus

Satori in Taurus ::::: Tom Bennett ::::: 1990s Ford Taurus

While teaching last April’s workshop at Paul’s Junkyard I enjoyed making light painted time exposures of all the students.  It lets me make certain to have some good one-on-one time with everyone and they really get to see how I work, first hand.  I’ll be putting a few favorites online this week.

Here’s Tom Bennett meditating under a folded-in-half Ford Taurus.  It took, I dunno, 40 tries to get this right?  That may be a slight exaggeration . . . but this was very difficult to bring off.  I lit Tom with low powered flash pops from both sides (1/4 power from the right, 1/8 power from the left).  I also hit this side of the car with a red LED from shallow angles on the right and left.  Then I went behind the car and laid on the ground, reached under the car behind Tom and did a series of purple-gelled strobe pops.  I also lit the interior with red LED from the rear.  Then I trotted back to the camera and closed the lens.  The whole thing took 149 seconds.


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