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The Lizard King Checks His Blind Spot

The Lizard King Checks His Blind Spot ::::: Ron Pinkerton ::::: Lodge Travel RV, by El Monte

Portrait week continues with Ron Pinkerton, behind the wheel of a movie prop RV at Paul’s Junkyard.  Ron was an excellent model, he could sit perfectly still in an awkward position like this for days.  He’s like a lizard on a rock in the sun.  Combined with all his Doors references, coming up with this title was easy.

Lime-gelled strobe from the rear, naked strobe from outside, through the windshield, just on his face.  Purple strobe onto the dash and his legs from just off camera right.  Red LED flashlight on the windows from outside too.  I had to do lots of running around, in and out of the RV and the guy never moved a muscle!




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