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Tacos from the Dark Side

Tacos From The Dark Side ::::: Dennis Valente ::::: Roach Coach

Dennis Valente serving from a torched, blown up movie prop catering truck during a workshop at Paul’s Junkyard.  It was truly nasty inside this thing, filthy, stinky and loaded with sharp edges ready to disembowel you in the pitch darkness. It’s great to work with people willing to put themselves in difficult positions like this just to get the shot.

Naked low power strobe pop up into his face, lime-gelled strobe from in front of the truck, pointed down the side.  Another student, Thomas Bennett was inside the truck behind Dennis popping a red-gelled strobe.  There were at least 10 pops in a wide arc, making certain to hit the critical area behind his head, the dirty, melted fiberglas window and the pop up roof frames.  Once I got the lit shot taken care of (about 5 tries, each 30 to 45 seconds), Dennis and Thomas climbed out and I let a   6+ minute image run to get some nice star trails in the totally dark pre-moonrise sky.  I stripped the sky in (and combined parts of 2 lit exposures) in Photoshop to create the finished image.

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