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Brick House of the Holy

Another one lit with my beta-test version of the Protomachines light, from the abandoned mining town of Grantsville in central Nevada.  The PM is an amazing new light painting tool that gives total control of hue, saturation and brightness, allowing a virtually unlimited range of color and intensity of the light.

For this 10 minute exposure (during the initial test shots I noticed how the star trails paralleled the roofline, so I let the final image run long to get the big trails) I mixed an orange light to match the tone of the bricks and softly feathered the building from both sides.  Then I went inside and lit the right window frame and out the holes in the corner with a green that I knew would compliment the orange.  I came back outside and grazed the foreground with very dim, very desaturated cool white light, just enough to pull out a few more details in the foreground and broken corner of the building.  It was a subtle balancing act to make sure one lighting element didn’t overpower the entire scene.

Brick House of the Holy ::::: Grantsville, Nevada ::::: May 2012

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