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Wolves Lair

Wolves Lair  :::::  Antelope Valley, California

Wolves Lair ::::: Antelope Valley, California

Another abandoned home in the middle of a hot and humid August night, lost somewhere deep on the lettered Avenues of the Antelope Valley.

Full moon, red and turquoise-set Protomachine flashlight.  I really liked what the blue-green light was doing to the lemon yellow paint on the house.  The inside, where I did the red light was fairly complete (note the clothes still hanging in the closet in the right window), but totally trashed.  The floor was covered with an inch thick layer of papers and personal documents of some other guy named Troy, dating from the ’50s to the ’80s.  Eerie.  The stench of mold and organic decay was very strong, especially in the kitchen.  A nasty place.

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