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The Schnetzler Vortex  :::::  Paul's Junkyard

The Schnetzler Vortex ::::: Paul’s Junkyard

At September’s workshop, Manu and Greta Schnetzler wanted their portrait done using this gigantic sci-fi movie prop.  Done with a minimum of equipment, this set up was colossally difficult, made worse by this being a very tight space (the camera was right against a trailer and the space was closed in on both sides leaving me very little room to maneuver).  The red panels were lit from behind with red-gelled strobe.  Manu lit the upper ones and then got into position beside Greta.  I lit the lower ones from ground level, then did a couple of white pops on the two of them from both sides.  Then I lit the “metal” outer frame with the Protomachine flashlight set to blue.  It took MANY tries to get this even close to acceptable, and even then I had to fix it in post.  First I cloned out the bounced light on Manu’s arms from when he lit the upper panels.  The panels were also lit too unevenly, so I copied one of the good ones and placed it over the bad ones.  But I changed it slightly when I did it so that they don’t just look like mirror images.

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