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Time Tunnel  :::::  Vought F8 Crusader II

Time Tunnel ::::: Vought F8 Crusader II

Looking into the tail of a Vought F8 Crusader II with its engine removed.  The F8 was a 1950s carrier-based jet fighter, used extensively during the Viet Nam war.  This fuselage is in storage at Paul’s Junkyard.

Shot in total darkness, this was lit with the Protomachine flashlight.  The green was done from beside the camera, the purple was added through access holes in the sides of the fuselage (being careful to now let the camera see the light source) and the red was done from the intake at the nose of the plane.  A little snooted white light on that coffee can filled with tire weights too.  Lots of running back and forth and rolling around in the dirt to achieve this image.

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