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Sleestak Ground Crew

Sleestak Ground Crew (purple rim) :::::  Lockheed Harpoon

Sleestak Ground Crew (purple rim) ::::: Lockheed Harpoon

Just back from holding another whirlwind, action-packed 3-day night photography workshop.  We were at a new location this time: Eagle Field, a former WWII Air Force training base, now privately owned, in California’s Central Valley.  Past workshop alumni, and all-around oddball, Steve, brought his new Sleestak costume to wear for his portrait sitting, so I shot him/it on the flight-line, inspecting the Lockheed Harpoon.  Lit with open strobe and red and purple-set Protomachine flashlight.  He/it’s also using another Protomachine, set to lime, to perform the inspection.  Probably the weirdest picture I’ve taken this year.

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