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The Chambers of your Heart

The Chambers of your Heart  ::::::  November 1996

The Chambers of your Heart :::::: November 1996

Followers of my postings may have noticed I’ve been starting to mix in some of my skronky old film work lately. Yes, I’ve finally starting rooting through the piles of slide boxes in the garage and broken out the scanner again, and you won’t believe some of the stuff I’ve been digging up.  I’ve been finding things I don’t even remember shooting.  And I thought I had a backlog of digital work to post . . . though I’m not really sure if anyone wants/needs to see this stuff . . .

This one, from a winters night in ’96, at the Standard station in Chambers, Arizona (on the original Route 66 frontage) has never even been scanned before, let alone seen by anyone. Flare-y, grainy, and little soft in the corners, shot on lifeless, outdated 160T film with a $20 flea market camera–this one sorta encapsulates the the whole “shooting junk with junk gear” mentality I was so hung up on back then. About 8 minutes on outdated Kodak 160T chrome film, most likely at f/5.6, with a few blue and red gelled strobe pops.

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