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The Opening is Tonight!

Final Boarding (2015)

Final Boarding (2015)

Try to imagine this as a 6 foot print, cuz that’s what it is.  It’s like you could climb right in.

You know all about the show, right? 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco  Opening TONIGHT! 5 to 11+.

Here’s some last minute points and FAQs:
The venue is 21 and over only.  Don’t bring the kids, you won’t get in.

It’s casual, wear your PJs if you want.  It’s a bar with a DJ, expect it to be crowded and loud.

If I was you, I’d take BART.  It’s a block and a half from the 2nd street exit of Montgomery Station.  Driving into SF on friday night sucks, especially if it’s raining.

PARKING: The SFMOMA garage is closest.  Closes at 11.  You’ll might even get street parking, after rush hour.

VISITING LATER:  The gallery is frequently closed for private events, and is not open to the public on the weekends at all.  If you plan on dropping in to see the show over the next few weeks, check to make sure the gallery’s open.  The show closes on 3/26.  There is talk of a closing party, TBA.

Image info:
Final Boarding
Boeing 737 carcass, undergoing the recycling process, Aviation Warehouse, January 2015. Working on a bed of shredded airliner parts, it was all very unstable. I could rock the fuselage just by leaning on it.  The tripod jumped with every step I took, even 10 feet away. I ended up standing still for the entire 2 minute exposure, off camera right, and making a circle with my flashlight to skim the interior surfaces.

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