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Shot during the first of two sneaky visits to Almaden AFS, atop Mt. Umunhum, overlooking San Jose.  10 years ago(!), this weekend.  You can see that box atop the Santa Cruz Mountains from just about anyplace in the South Bay.   Decommissioned in 1980, there were still dozens of derelict buildings up there at the time, including bunkers, a power station and gymnasium/recreation complex: an urbex fiesta.  This 5-story radar tower, now a protected historic structure, is all that remains of the base.  This once highly restricted site will become part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and be opened to the public later this year.

Here’s a few more from those trips, freshly remixed from the original RAW files, for your viewing pleasure.

Micro Marsh

Pool outside the gymnasium, turned into a marsh ecosystem, complete with tree growing in the skimmer bucket.  Lit with gelled strobe and flashlight, new 4:5 crop.


In the Keyhole

Full moon and flashlight fill the abandoned gym.  A warmer, more neutral color balance than the version you may have seen, 10 years ago.


In the control room of the massive diesel-soaked powerhouse.  Blue-gelled strobe and flashlight, in total darkness, new 4:5 crop.





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