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Mollusk Abuse

Mollusk Abuse (2018)

I’ve been taking night pictures at the abandoned Pearsonville junkyard, off and on, for ten years now. One of my favorite constants has been The Mollusk, this ’56 Cadillac/RV conversion. We must have arrived at about the same time: I shot it sitting outside the fence on my first visit and it had been dragged inside by my second. It’s been moved at least 4 times as the yard contracted over the years, becoming more damaged and vandalized with each move. These pix date from 2008 to 2018, with several that have never been shown before.

Series Sixty-Two (2008)


Shadow of the Wing (2010)


Return of the Mollusk 2 (2008)


The Mollusk (2008)


Quivering Upper Lip


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